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Lunatic Scientists say Global Warming on the Moon was Man-Made

Lunar rover kicking up dust

Lunar rover kicking up dust to cause global warming


All planets in the solar system have undergone increasing and accelerating changes in the last few decades. Mars warmed 0.65°C in 22 years. When the polar ice caps on Mars suddenly melted in 1996, the selected scientists of the anthropogenic global warming lobby still had enough self-respect to NOT claim it was due to human action. But last year, a group of scientists went all in and made the ridiculous suggestion that the 2 degrees warming observed from 1975 to 1977 at two lunar landing sites must have been, you guessed it – caused by self-aggrandising humans. More specifically, the steering up of a bit of dust would change the surface albedo so much that the entire surface kept warming for 5 years after they left, even one meter underground. To get this straight: Between Apollo 11 in 1969 and Apollo 17 in 1972, six missions landed on the Moon for a total of 12 astronauts to walk the lunar surface for 6 times 22 hours. 12 men (white, straight males, of course) plus a rover and 6 rockets that did not even throw up enough dust to cover the shiny feet of the lander module. And that was only the two years of available data, because the probe stopped working then and the data before 75 was “lost”.

If solar system objects were that sensitive to outside forces, the moon would long have evaporated itself into oblivion. Just look at it. Why did the millions of meteor impacts for millions of years not cause runaway warming? 

In 1995, Popular Science already reported  ‘ A first stage atmosphere generation on the Moon, where a growing natrium (sodium gas) atmosphere is detected that reaches 9,000 km in height. Did astronauts also accidentally create a sodium atmosphere  on the moon, as well?


Here are a few of the drastic changes (including warming) in the solar system that took place in the last few decades (within the space age), measured and monitored by the same space agencies:


“Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non- uniformity’s in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. “


  • One of Jupiter’s Moons, Triton has undergone a period of global warming since 1989. 
  •  A growth of a dark spots on Pluto [7]. 
  • Reporting of auroras on Saturn [8].
  • Reporting of Uranus and Neptune polar shifts (They are magnetically conjugate planets), and the abrupt large-scale growth of Uranus’ magnetosphere intensity. 
  • A change in light intensity and light spot dynamics on Neptune [9,10].
  •  The doubling of the magnetic field intensity on Jupiter (based upon 1992 data), and a series of new states and processes observed on this planet as an aftermath of a series of explosions in July 1994 [caused by “Comet” SL-9] 
  • A first stage atmosphere generation on the Moon, where a growing natrium atmosphere is detected that reaches 9,000 km in height. [17]. 


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