Cognitive Dissonance in the Religion of man-made Climate Change


Obama lea levels rising!

Obama lea levels rising!

Cognitive dissonance is the psychological stress experienced by a person who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. 

Believe  1: “I’m so proud former President Obama issued an executive order in 2015 to deal with the over 2 feet of sea level rise by 2050.

Believe 2:”I’m so happy Obama was able to by a 15 million home with his 200k salary 3 feet above sea level.”


1.) (2015): “In a statement, the White House singled out the flooding in Manhattan that occurred as Sandy came ashore in 2012 as a reason to rebuild infrastructure to a higher standard so it can withstand greater storm surges and other coastal flooding.

More than $1 trillion of property are at risk from two feet of sea level rise in the U.S., a level that could be reached by 2050, the statement said.”

2.) Sea Level Rise? President Obama Just Bought a Beachside Property



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  1. Anyone who believes a politicians statements, is a fool.
    How do you tell when politicians are lying?
    Easy, their lips are moving!


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