Germany: gang of “Arab men” storms Christmas eve celebration, Syrian man stabs church community worker. 

Aue, Germany, Syrian staps christmas church worker image: NTV

Aue, Germany, Syrian staps christmas church worker image: NTV

ntv  Dec 25. 2019

In the German town of Aue (Sachsen- Anhalt) a church community worker was stabbed and severely injured by a Syrian man at a Christmas Eve celebration at the church community of St. Nicolai.

The Christmas celebration was dedicated to marginalised people who have no family to share Christmas with. 

On the evening of December 24th, a Syrian man was asked to leave after starting a fight. Shortly after, he returned with a gang of Arab men. A new argument ensued with a 34-year-old Iranian man. When a 51-year-old church community worker tried intervene as mediator in a dispute, he was stabbed in the abdomen and severely injured. 

Also the Iranian man was injured. No arrests have been made, because that would be racist. 

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  1. Maybe, just maybe, one day, the screen of political correctness will fall, and Europe will recognise the danger that Islam, and all that goes with it, poses to the population.
    The very word, ”Genocide” was formed to describe the massacre of Christians by a Muslim country against its own population, in the first ‘holocaust’ of the 20th century. Then, having murdered in the region of 1.5 – 2 million people, the Ottoman government then claimed the life insurances of the men women and children it had murdered.
    There were many more genocides before that, which are still glossed over to pretend they never happened.
    Everything Hitler did to the Jews, he copied from the Muslims.


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