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Ireland to effectively ban cars for the general public in 10 years. Europe to follow.

District-12-the-hunger-games image fanpop.com

District-12-the-hunger-games image fanpop.com

Sounds like a cynical exaggeration? Here is the short of it:

1. Ireland Fast-Tracks Law Effectively Banning Gas Vehicles Within A Decade. Is The US Next?  (full article below). Numerous western countries ban gas vehicles by 2035-2050.

2. There is only enough lithium on the planet to replace about 5 percent of the existing cars with fully electric cars. Plus, there is not enough electricity to charge these 5% of Full Electric cars, and there will be much less after oil heating, coal and nuclear power are abolished.

Meaning: Only the upper 1 -5 percent of the population will drive a car at all in a few years (if the globalist’s CO2 policies are implemented).

The highest density of fully electric cars in 2020 is in the Netherlands where 1.6.% of all cars are fully electric, that’s after trillions of dollars of subsidies being spent worldwide. World lithium reserves are 10 Million tons.  In the best case, reserves may last 16.9 years. 


From The Daily Caller Chris White Tech Reporter; December 30, 2019 11:49 AM ET


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  1. The flaw in the fantasy of electric cars, is that their power originates from power stations, that are oil, coal or gas fired, and due to transmission losses in the grid system, are in fact ultimately ”dirtier” than oil powered cars.

    The real reason for the mass enthusiasm for electric cars, by governments, is that they will be able to track them via their inbuilt electronics, wherever they go, and they will also be able to control the cars, again through the inbuilt electronics.

    So if there’s a speed limit, however draconian, the cars will be automatically restricted to that speed.
    That could be very dangerous, because there are occasions when a burst of speed is the only way to avoid a collision, but that will be blocked, so a collision will occur.

    ”The New World Order” is looming ever closer, which is exactly what the ”Carbon Tax” fraud was designed to facilitate.


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