(Corona Virus) Flash back: In 2015, Swiss Army exercised to lock down the Swiss Border to Germany  

Andreas Bölsterli, Kommandant Territorialregion 2. SRF:SEDRIK EICHKORN.

Swiss army Andreas Bölsterli, Kommandant Territorialregion 2. SRF:SEDRIK EICHKORN.

It just so happens that the Swiss army’s large scale  “Conex 15” exercise  in 2015 – employing live ammunition fired at the german border  – was based on a fictitious scenario to fend off refugees after the “collapse of civil order and ethnic tensions” in Europe. The exercise agenda did not mention a pandemic, but what was practiced, is exactly what countries and cities all around Switzerland are doing right now. (Conex means shipping container). 

Switzerland has just banned public events with more than 1000 participants. (28. Feb 2020)

Only a 3 years earlier in 2012, the army conducted the largest military exercise in Swiss history. 

“The military exercise of “STABILO DUE” was based on the scenario that parts of Europe are socially and politically unstable. There are also riots, terror attacks and acts of violence in within Switzerland. “


Here the details to Conex 15 in 2015: Swiss info: Author: Sedrik Eichkorn September 15, 2015 12:08 PM, Updated at 5:55 p.m.

Conex 15: Army focuses on securing infrastructure

The large scale army exercise Conex 15 starts on Wednesday. 16.09.2015 In the run-up, the exercise drew criticism, as it also planned for a scenario of streams of refugees at the border – a frighteningly real scenario at the moment. [recall the European Refugee crisis happened to begin in Sept 2015]. Now the army wants to shift the focus away from the refugee scenario towards securing the infrastructure.

The practice scenario was designed several years ago and is now more up- to-date than ever. Too up-to-date. That is why the army emphasizes that it is not about securing the border, but “about securing the infrastructure,” says Andreas Bölsterli, Military divisionair, commander of Territorial Region 2.

On the homepage, however, it sounds different. There it states that “ethnic tensions lead to greater refugee flows into Switzerland and that the Federal Council must therefore deploy parts of the army in order to strengthen the border guard corps.” Divisionair Andreas Bölsterli says: “We don’t secure the border. We practice cooperation in day-to-day tasks with the border guards. These could include, for example, border controls. This has nothing to do with refugees.”

National defence is secondary

Just two weeks ago, Andreas Bölsterli commented on the exercise scenario of Conex 15 in Radio SRF’s Basel Regional Journal. “This is a standard scenario of the army. We apply this to all the big exercises,” says Andereas Bölsterli. The refugee scenario was central to the exercise.

Today, it seems, the army wants to take the focus away from this scenario and prefer to talk about securing infrastructure. “Our main task is to secure important facilities and buildings,” says Bölsterli. “The national defenc is of secondary importance.”

(Regionaljournal Basel, 5.30 p.m.)



Here an important update on the Corona situation by IceAgeFarmer: 02.27.2020



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