Corona isolation policies kill: Social Isolation is the ‘biggest health risk factor leading to premature death’.


German State television: Social isolation kills

German State television: Social isolation kills

In 2018, German State Television ARD warned of the devastating effects of social isolation. In 2010, researchers conducted a meta-study of 148 studies. They concluded that of all risk factors, loneliness and social isolation have the most detrimental effect on people’s health and life-expectancy. The influence of social isolation on mortality is twice as strong as that of excessive alcohol consumption, and three times as strong as is obesity. “Social isolation must not be treated as a purely social-psychological phenomena.”

The feeling of being excluded and not having reliable social support kills, primarily due to prolonged stress hormone imbalance (mostly cortisol). Social isolation can be subconsciously perceived through the hypothalamus as a life or death situation, putting the organism into constant survival stress mode, suppressing the immune system and cognitive abilities (rational thought), but raising blood pressure and pulse. “Chronic social isolation increases the activation of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenocortical axis.”

And that is just isolation WITHOUT a declared pandemic, without the population constantly being  bombarded with horror news and dystopian and draconian measures. Now that the global elite just destroyed the world economy and half the people in the western world are loosing their jobs and property, we can safely expect the main long-term cause of death from the pandemic to be the isolation policies along with further stress from the fear of infection. Suicides in quarantine are reported daily. Germany: Finance Minister commits suicide over coronavirus economic anxieties.

On the brighter side, the long-term neurological and endocrine effect of a grand solar minimum on human behaviour include a trend toward rationality and may help to mitigate the damage within the coming years. So, try not to get dragged down and take your daily recommended amount of mineral/ vitamin supplements with an optional extra Vitamin C.

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  1. All this is part of the New World Order brigades plans to reduce the world population, and reduce benefit dependent people.

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