Swiss Hospitals lay off Staff due to Lack of Patients amidst Corona Crisis. 


Spital Frauenfeld Thurgau Image:

In the midst of the Corona Crisis with non-stop horror media reports of overwhelmed hospitals and morgues, many Swiss hospitals are in reality complaining about not having enough work for their employees. Two Cantonal (general state) Hospitals have already claimed federal compensations for short-term employment in the past weeks: Spital Thurgau. and Kantonsspital Aarau. 

The administration says there is not enough work for their doctors and nurses in the “half empty clinics.” The media go to great lengths to explain this “ paradox”, claiming that intensive care unit are being kept free for the scores of Corona patients who will arrive any minute now, just as they have been saying for a month.  Non-essential operations are being postponed because of the increased demand of hospital beds due to corona. In short they have not enough corona patients, at the same time, actual existing patients who need surgery are being abandoned. 

In Italy and Spain, seniors were left to starve to death in elderly residence “because of Corona Virus”.

Among the remaining few citizens with a sense of reality and morals the question arises: Why are postponed operations not taken up again? Why are bored doctors not transferred to help out in “Corona Units”? Because These units are overstaffed too. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the panicked masses are still clapping for doctors from the freedom of their balconies whenever the government tells them to do so. Little do they know that some doctors are out of work, too. 

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