Food shortages have arrived in Switzerland

food shortages Zurich Switzerland

fruit and vegetables shortage Zurich’s largest supermarket, Coop Sihlcity, Switzerland 4-8-2020

No, it’s not the hoarders, no one is hoarding fruits and vegetables. Even though it is in full lockdown like the rest of the world, Switzerland has slightly more lax quarantine rules than its neighbouring countries. Well, Zurich bankers have a lot of work these days, confiscating the wealth of half the population and WHO officials in Geneva deserve to go to the lake and relax from saving the world, too.

But the results of the authoritarian power grab (lockdown) cannot be hidden any longer even here.  That’s after two weeks, the government is contemplating to extend the lockdown to the end of August, 18 months are also being discussed.

The lockdown IS the pandemic


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