Corona Pandemic, Comet ATLAS and a Coronal Mass Ejection?

Comet ATLAS possible target area of a CME

Comet ATLAS alignment at May 31 , 2020

More and more people are starting to wander whether the Corona related government measures are productive overall. The draconian quarantine and lock-down rules don’t make much sense and are full of contradictions.

Regions that were put under total lock-down at an earlier time, like Northern Italy or New York, later on have the highest rates of infections and deaths, isolation doesn’t seem to work. 

The state government of Saxony decreed that people who are outside without permission  are going to be arrested and detained in a closed psychiatric clinic. 

The totalitarian overreach is unprecedented, while the official death toll so far is about one fifth of that of the swine flu, which was estimated at up to 575,400 people). Remember when they locked every person in the free world into their homes for months and destroyed the world economy because of Swine Flu in 2009? No? Oh wait, that didn’t happen…

Covid-19 is now COVID-1984.

Someone remarked: “Communism IS the virus, Corona is just the means to spread it around the world.”

Solitary sunbathing is illegal in many countries, while outdoor sports are allowed. Sunbathing IS banned: Government warns people they risk fines for lying down in the sun ahead of 75F Easter weekend – because ‘it is NOT essential movement’. Tilo Kabliz of the Berlin Police said on 28.03.2020: “There is a catalogue of conduct rules. People are allowed to go out for sport activities. But it is not allowed to lie in the park for sun bathing. “ Citizens get arrested for sitting on a park bench by themselves.

Politicians in press conferences decree that everybody have 2 meters of distance while they are standing shoulder to shoulder, for instance Dr. Fauci, Trump, Pence and the Covid-19 Task Force, they act as if they have no reason at all to fear a Corona infection themselves. When everybody thinks they are the most important people right now and they must not get sick at any rate.

Covid-1984 task force no social distancing

Covid-1984 task force no social distancing

Why are nurses and doctors not dying in masses with their little paper masks? Why is it not save to go for a walk with the same mask? Grocery workers, postal workers, police are not over-proportionally sick. The globalist elites vow to ban cash, but for now, cashiers aren’t sick handling cash all day. The German government is actively preventing coronary autopsies of deceased Covid-19 victims.

Death numbers are artificially inflated, every death can be diagnosed as a corona virus death. People dying after many years of cancer or previously healthy people dying from car crashes are diagnosed Covid-19 victims, without a test (tests are faulty anyways). Doctors are ordered to just guess whether a deceased person had the virus. 

Death from pneumonia and the seasonal flue have dropped to almost zero. Many hospitals lay off nurses and doctors because of a lack of work, they don’t have too much work. Nurses have the time to make choreographed tiktok dance videos while they fight at the front lines. Fake news stories of corona mass graves pass unquestioned by the frightened masses.

Nurses are the new “war heros”, “fighting the virus at the front line”, for the “freedom of humanity,” The good citizens are ordered to clap on command from the freedom of their balconies. Remember when Americans were ordered to clap for the hero soldiers after 9/11? Most of these soldiers are dead or dying in the streets, with PTSD, vaccine damage, addiction, homelessness, Nobody cared for nurses before, and no one will care for them after.

More and more politicians are slowly coming out to say that the lock-down measures will last another week, all summer, or until they have a vaccine, which will take 18 months or more. The Federal Reserve Bank also warns the  U.S. may face 18 months of rolling shutdowns.

People don’t even dare think about how many people will still be alive after the world economy was shut down for one and a half years. Justin Trudeau says lock-down is the new normal. In Germany, they now openly talk about Covid-1984 lockdowns until 2022.

The US Military is placing their teams in the NORAD nuclear bunkers in Cheyenne mountain. This would make no sense for a virus, while the President is still in press conferences every day in close proximity with everyone.

Meanwhile ‘the Super-Rich Turn to Bunkers to Self-Quarantine During the Coronavirus Outbreak’.

So, can the virus be the main reason for all of this?

Whatever the new Corona virus is or isn’t, it appears more and more as if we are seeing the long expected authoritarian power grab by globalist politicians and bankers, which they have been preparing for many years. But there is more. And the pandemic and the police state actions may be a distraction from and a preparation for something much bigger.

Readers of AbruptEarthChanges are aware that most of what we see on the world stage these years is tied to solar and geophysical changes in one way or another, influencing climate and human behavior.

As we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum, either now or in the next solar cycle (after 2031), climate disruption and further crop losses must be expected.

Further, as demonstrated in Solar History (2018), in a Grand Solar Minimum -on a multi- decadal time scale – human peacefulness, rationality and corporation are increased. On the other hand: wars, genocides and the dominance of old, illegitimate power structures usually decrease. Historically, this has manifested in social and political improvements described as “awakenings.” So, it’s only normal that globalist elitists would ramp up their control efforts before or during such a transition phase.

Lowered solar activity not only comes with climate decline and improved human behavior and rationality, but with various other solar system changes.

We hear all this talk about the Corona crisis will have a “second, third ..wave”. Waves this, peaks that. “Flatten the curve”. Of course, this has nothing to do with electromagnetic waves at all.

How could these experts suddenly make these accurate predictions after having failed in every pandemic?

As we know the World economic forum, together with the CDC, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and the WHO just happened to hold a readiness exercise for a hypothetical corona virus pandemic one month before the outbreak, in Nov. 2019. Here is their recent model for the spread of the virus in different government actions. According to their model, it makes little difference for the overall death toll, whether we do nothing ore close down most social and economic proceedings. Note, one projected peak of the illness is in late May-Early June, 2020.

“Suppression involves a combination of four interventions: social distancing of the entire population, case isolation, household quarantine and school and university closures.“ Did anyone notice Bill Gates is suddenly the world’s leading medical expert and the ambassador of the world?

On March 17, the WEF predicted:

“But when these measures are relaxed, the modelling predicted cases would rise again, so interventions may need to be in place until a vaccine is developed – 18 months or longer. “

covid- 19 timeline predictions

Incoming Comet ATLAS

Also, in June 2018, there was the National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy and Action Plan by the National Science and Technology council, mostly dealing with solid asteroid impact scenarios like the Chelyabinsk 2013 impact. This is a little less unusual, for governments have become very aware of threats from outer space in recent decades, there is always one drill or another.

Just before the first news from China, in Dec 2019, President Trump signed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act and with it directed the establishment of the U.S. Space Force (USSF) as the sixth branch of the armed forces. Trump said: “Space … going to be a lot of things happening in space. Because space is the world’s newest warfighting domain.” Secretary of Defense Mark Esper stressed that the Space Force will help the United States prepare itself against threats in an “evolving space environment.”

Comet Atlas is not going to hit anything, and we are not going through its debris trail. So, bad news for doomsday enthusiasts so far.

Comet ATLAS possible target area of a CME

Comet ATLAS possible target area of a CME, observatory skylive

Of course, that’s according to the official data, they could not tell us if it were otherwise, or if the trajectory of fragments were to change to go on a collision course, but so far there is no indication of such a direct problem, just like most comets of recent decades.

“A huge icy space rock, comet ‘Atlas’, is currently in the constellation Ursa Major in the northern sky orbiting Mars, but it’s on a trajectory with our Sun and it will get progressively brighter as it reaches its closest point at the end of May, if it doesn’t fragment that is.  The comet’s last Earth fly-by was sometime around 4000 BC when it was witnessed by early ancient Egyptian farmers as well as Neolithic tribes in Ireland, northern Scotland and across Scandinavia, but this most recent pass was first spotted on December 28, 2019 by Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS).

The comet’s atmosphere measures five times the physical size of Jupiter and about half the size of the Sun and scientists say that by the end of April the space rock will appear brighter than Venus in our night sky. As it approaches our inner solar system, the comet will become one of the brightest objects in the night sky and according to a report in the Daily Mail “potentially the comet of a generation.”

The gaseous cloud surrounding the comet has a diameter measuring about 447,000 miles (720,000 km), which is half the size of the Sun’s diameter and five times greater than Jupiter’s diameter. According to NASA prediction, it will pass more than 72 million miles (116 million km) away from our planet.  Izod News.

As of April 10, Atlas began fragmenting, and will thus probably lose some of its luminosity.

Historic pandemics have been induced or accelerated by celestial anomalies, meteor debris, solar system gasses, or gamma ray bursts and the like) in the past. (see for example Black Death and abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century).

Find Comet ATLAS Y4 4--13-2020

how to find Comet ATLAS Y4 4–13-2020 updates here 



Update 4-15-2020: Another Comet, Comet SWAN (C/2020 F8) will be at perihelion around May 31st as well. It will be in the North, not aligned with earth, so if it should contribute to a CME, the aditional energy would not be directed at Earth. (friendly tip from ‘Anonymous Coward’). Interactive diagram here (scroll to the bottom).

Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)

In solar minima and particularly in grand solar minima – with lower sunspot activity – the number and intensity of solar eruptions is diminished. Large solar flares and Corona Mass Ejections are more prevalent in solar maximum.

But in solar minimum, a given solar outburst can have a more devastating effect on Earth, its biosphere and our infrastructure than if it erupted in solar maximum.

Solar-cycle-data. WIkipedia

Fig. 2 Activity cycles 21, 22 and 23 seen in sunspot number index, TSI, 10.7cm radio flux, and flare index. The vertical scales for each quantity have been adjusted to permit overplotting on the same vertical axis as TSI. Temporal variations of all quantities are tightly locked in phase, but the degree of correlation in amplitudes is variable to some degree. Image Wikipedia

Comet ATLAS Y4 is big enough to be potentially brighter than Comet Hale-Bobb (1997, the last bright comet visible without a telescope in the northern hemisphere. The size of the Nucleus (solid matter) is unknown.

But the size of Atlas isn’t the point, it’s the close approach to the sun and the alignment with Earth at perihelion and at the crossing of the ecliptic (around May 31st). If the comet were to trigger a solar flair and Coronal Mass Ejection, this would be aimed pretty much in the direction of Earth. Even more so if the comet were to arrive later than expected, then we could get a bulls-eye hit from the sun’s corona.


Sun-gracing or sun-diving comets may trigger CMEs.

Astronomers who want to keep a job deny the causal relation flat because they have “no known mechanism” to explain how a comet could trigger such an outburst, mostly in the exact direction of the comet without contact. But they have chronicled the frequent coincidences since the observation of solar eruptions:

On Nov 30, 2012, FORBES wrote:

Sun-Grazing Comets As Triggers For Electromagnetic Armageddon

“Large sun-grazing comets could bring on the sort of global electronics meltdown usually associated with electromagnetic pulse weapons or a full-scale nuclear exchange.

Or so says David Eichler, lead author of a forthcoming Astrophysical Journal Letters paper positing that a sun-grazing comet roughly the size of Hale-Bopp (with a nucleus some 30 kms in diameter) could trigger cosmic ray-generating shockwaves large enough to initiate a global electromagnetic Armageddon.

Eichler, an astrophysicist at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer-Sheva, argues that satellites that weren’t in protection mode would be wiped out along with most of the world’s electronics – everything from micro-circuitry on cell phones to full-scale power stations.

If such a comet were the size of Hale-Bopp, Eichler says, the resulting solar flare would by far be the largest ever observed.

The comet gets compressed and then explodes in the solar atmosphere which, in turn, creates shockwaves, says Eichler.

Eichler thinks that such a sun-grazing comet may have triggered a large solar flare and cosmic ray-generating shockwaves as recently as 775 A.D., as indicated by tree ring analysis pointing to a sudden 1.2 percent spike in atmospheric Carbon 14.”


-2002, Comet Neat

As comet NEAT raced through the extended solar atmosphere, a large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) exploded from the Sun and appeared to strike the comet. The comet responded with a “kink” that propagated down the tail. commented:

“If the Sun is a glow discharge at the center of an electric field, and a comet carries a strong negative charge together with a vast envelope of charged particles, the categorical dismissal of mutual interactions is premature.”

In fact, SOHO has recorded several instances of comets plunging into the solar corona in “coincidental” association with CMEs.

We see two comets grazing the Sun followed by a particularly energetic blast from a mass ejection (June 2, 1998).

CME following two comets hitting solar corona

powerful CME following two comets hitting the solar corona Video

Another instance of two comets grazing the Sun followed by a large CME can be viewed here.”

Comet 96P:Machholz swinging past the Sun

Comet 96P:Machholz swinging past the Sun video 


You can watch many more examples directly on 


In 2013, titled: 

NASA Video Captures Comet, Sun Storm and Earth Together

Comet Pan-STARRS 2013

A still from STEREO spacecraft’s Behind’s HI1 instrument showing Comet Pan-STARRS and a coronal mass ejection (CME). Image taken on March 18, 2013.

A new NASA video has captured two cosmic wonders — a comet and a massive solar storm — with the Earth in the background as seen by a sun-watching spacecraft.

In the video, the Comet Pan-STARRS can be seen streaking through the inner solar system, orbiting the sun over the course of five days (March 10-15). As Pan-STARRS makes its ways into view, a coronal mass ejection (CME) — an explosion of plasma from the surface of the star — shoots towards Earth.


Comet ATLAS facing Earth at perihelion

When Comet ATLAS Y4 approaches perihelion and just before that (when it crosses the ecliptic around May 31st), it will be aligned with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. At that point, Earth will be aligned less directly, at an angle of about 20°, this is well inside the usual damage area of a CME. Whether the alignment with the two big planets can reinforce an electric exchange is a more complicated matter than the space here permits, let’s just say it is very probable. Planets are electromagnetically interacting with the sun. NASA refers to magnetic portals which connect the Earth to the sun. The “Earth’s field interacts with the solar wind, it does so through the altered solar wind in the magnetosheath. ”

Video of ATLAS here, orbit diagram here (scroll down)

comet atlas may 31 2020.jpg

Comet ATLAS, MAY 31, 2020 crossing the ecliptic.

comet atlas may 31 jup sat .jpg


Carrington Solar Storm of 1859 and the electric equipment

“Extreme aurorae were sighted before and during the Carrington event. The Aurora Borealis were seen as far south as the Caribbean and the Aurora Australis reached north to the Australian Outback. Telegraph paper caught fire, wires melted down, some telegraph stations burned down, people were injured by electrocution. Since the global trade and infrastructure at the time did not depend on the electricity grid and telecommunication, as it does today, the disruption did not create any major global chaos. Were the same solar eruption to occur today, it could possibly cripple our modern-day power grid and disrupt civilization as we know it. It might be the infamous “kill shot” or Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), which former Department of Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano named in 2011 – among cyber-attacks and Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMP, artificial or of cosmic origin) – as ‘the greatest threat to the power grid and national security’ in the US. “ Solar history p. 245

Napolitano spoke at length about the need to prepare for a downed power grid caused by hackers. The vulnerable electrical grid system in the United States is also ill-prepared for a direct hit by a solar flare (CME) or an EMP attack. As previously reported by Off The Grid News, the power grid achieved a D+ rating by the American Society of Civil Engineers.”

A good Corona Mass Ejection can not only disrupt the power grid, but cause a reduction of the upper ozone layer even for several months, leading to extreme UV radiation and cosmic ray flux. On the ground this can lead to unusual sunburns and other reactions to sun exposure.

At the same time, a solar eruption can INCREASE nitrogen oxides and ozone at ground level, both are known to cause respiratory illnesses.

“Nitrogen dioxide inflames the lining of the lungs, and it can reduce immunity to lung infections. This can cause problems such as wheezing, coughing, colds, flu and bronchitis.”

The Corona Virus measures could be used as a perfect cover: Keep the people indoors, out of the sun, take their rights, property and means to travel, and have a story prepared for increased respiratory issues.

Just say the virus is spreading again because people were breaking the lock-down rules!


The Carrington solar storm of 1859 generated ozone at surface levels.

Carrington made detailed drawings of his observation of a very bright white flare that lasted at least 5 minutes. Tsurutani et al, noted: “The solar flare was followed by a magnetic storm at the Earth. The time delay was 17 hours and 40 min (stated in the Carrington paper).”  These magnetic perturbations were the cause of both the ground induced currents – which disturbed the telegraph network – and of the auroral displays. ”

In Brussels, communication with other European cities was interrupted from midnight to about 1:30 am.

It is generally in Schwabe minimum, when atmospheric ozone depletion is observed. During this solar storm, an extremely abrupt increase in atmospheric ozone content was estimated at ground level.

“I would thus follow a dedicated observer as Bérigny by stating that the tropospheric ozone increased by around 20 % in the night from the 28th to the 29th of August 1859. This would come from an increase in chemical activity related to an increased UV penetration in the previous day due to the direct solar flare and the temporary destruction of stratospheric ozone.” 

So, destruction of upper atmosphere ozone by solar effects, more UV penetration, more ozone in the lower atmosphere.

Ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere was measured also in more recent solar proton events in 1971 and 1972. McPeters et al 1981, determined that the solar proton event of August 1972 was very large and produced an ozone depletion of 15% at 42 km that persisted for almost 30 days. (Solar history p. 244)

More recently, ice core studies have revealed a coincidence of high nitrate in the Greenland GISP ice core for the year 1859.  (The Carrington Solar Flares of 1859: Consequences on Life)

We have noticed an increase in nitrogen Dioxide NO 2 in Northern Italy in Jan. and Feb., just before the main wave of the Corona outbreak in Italy. NO2 is converted to ozone under the right conditions. I have not yet found the source of the unproportioned NO2 levels in northern Italy at the time as compared to Northern Europe, where levels are usually much higher than in Italy. Further, there was a “‘strange pneumonia’ outbreak seen in Lombardy as early as in November 2019.

Italy 4

NO2 late January 2020

Solar Proton Events (SPE’s) deposit Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) on the Earth surface.

“The SPE-produced NOx constituents are relatively short-lived (approximately days) and lead to the destruction of ozone in the upper stratosphere and mesosphere (pressures less than about 2 hPa). Both short- and longer-term (approximately months) catalytic ozone destruction is caused by the SPE-produced NOx in the lower mesosphere and stratosphere (pressures greater than about 0.5 hPa) via the well-known NO x (NO +NO2) ozone loss cycle (Jackman et al., 2008).

The net result is ’odd nitrogen’, a complex of nitrate radicals designated by the symbol NOx. Some of the NOx is transported downward to the troposphere, and then it is precipitated to the surface in 6 weeks.”


Solar Storms Destroy Ozone (in the upper Atmosphere) 

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center found:

Large solar storms rain electrically charged particles down on Earth’s atmosphere and deplete the upper-level ozone for weeks to months thereafter.

“A CME and the consequent atmosphere disruption also lets in more Galactic Cosmic Rays which in turn generate more nitric oxides (NOx).

Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) deposit their energy throughout the atmosphere but peaking in the low Stratosphere and upper Troposphere. GCR ionisation leads to the production of nitric oxide (NO) at significant levels which are also modulated in anti-phase with the solar cycle. This accounts for approximately half the NO at high latitudes with a large ∼ 11-year modulation.

The Carrington solar storm, the largest solar flare of the last 500 years may have shredded Earth’s ozone layer to a greater extent than human-made chemicals have in recent decades, new research suggests, but the effect was only temporary.


Bonus: Also interesting for those who are still alive after the two comets (JOKE!): About one month after the passing of the two comets, in a time span from mid June to mid July, the six innermost planets plus Pluto will be aligned within a few degrees of one another, so all but Neptune and Uranus. I’m sure this has some astrological meaning or another, but it is significant astronomically and geologically. Earthquakes and further solar flares can be expected due to magnetic interactions. Within this time frame, numerous straight alignments (conjunctions) of several planets will take place. The alignment is a bit like in the movie 2012 (see below), but no, the world will not end:)

planets alignment 1st July 2020

planets alignment 1st July 2020

Comets were not just seen mythologically as bad omens, but they are historically connected to and often coincided with very real geological disasters (see Black Death and abrupt Earth Changes Page 24.) They were often assimiliated with and depicted as flaming swords. Halley’s Comet, appearing in 1456, was seen by some as being in the form of “a long sword advancing from the west … ” (Moore and Mason, 1984). An account from China: “the elongated comet looked like a fiery sword blazing across the night sky…”

Hevelius_Comet_Types swarnd


Figure 1. Types of cometary forms, illustrations from Johannes Hevelius’ Cometographia (Danzig, 1668)

(Scan of original and caption from Don Yeomans’ Comets: A Chronological History of Observation, Science, Myth and Folklore. Used with permission.)



Here some unrelated, random pictures:



Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 is a U.S.-led multinational exercise, including NATO’s participation.  It is the largest deployment of U.S.-based forces to Europe in more than 25 years with 20,000 soldiers deployed directly from the U.S. to Europe.  As such, it demonstrates U.S. commitment to NATO and its resolve to stand by its European Allies and Partners. The joint, multinational training exercise takes place from April 20 to May 20, 2020, with personnel and equipment movements occurring from February through July 2020.


S.H.AE.F. Shoulder_Patch.svg

Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF; /ˈʃeɪf/ SHAYF) was the headquarters of the Commander of Allied forces in north west Europe, from late 1943 until the end of World War II. U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower was the commander in SHAEF throughout its existence. The position itself shares a common lineage with Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Atlantic, but they are different titles.





In summary:

Comet Atlas could turn out to be a complete no-show. However, if it does indeed trigger a solar flair and CME, the X-rays and charged particles would be directed at Earth in about 20° off the central line. The effects would be rather silent, with some out-of-place aurorae and possible power grid failures, health issues due to UV radiation and nitrogen oxides or ozone in the air could unfold over a period of months.

If you start hearing in late May that the virus is suddenly getting worse again and governments go to great lengths to ramp up the isolation and quarantine rules, enforcing them radically with arrests, then there might be something going on in the sky. Especially if they say the virus lock-down is leading to power outages.

You would also hear the media and politicians reassure the public again and again that a comet cannot have any effect on Earth, nothing to see here, but they may let you go out at night to watch it.

Even if nothing happens in terms of physical disruption, even if the plan-demic is just a pandemic, an overreaction to a virus as a result of complete incompetence of governments: One thing is for sure, the world has changed for ever due to this lock-down. Your life will never be the same again. Half the world population are losing their jobs, rights and savings due to government over-reach.

And that’s even before the helio-geophysical effects of a Grand Solar Minimum on the human mind have clearly manifested. This is our greatest chance in history to create a humane, sustainable world based on reason and cooperation in the next several decades.

Welcome in the new era and stay safe.
















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  1. Sacha, K2’s crossing of the ecliptic in July with the earth between it and the sun could expose our planet to very a dangerous series of CMEs. According to the Electric Universe Theory, comets are not ‘dirty snowballs’, but to the contrary, they are rocky bodies indistinguishable from asteroids differing only in that they manifest an opposing electrical charge relative to the sun. There is a solid body of evidence indicating that even the smallest comets induce CMEs, as their electrical potential and influence of their EMF is exponentially greater than their mass. It appears that a near extinction level event is imminent and those in whom we have mistakenly placed our trust have decided upon reducing the problematic population ahead of this event before they become aware of this very real and present danger. Deception is and has always been the MO throughout the history of this world and is intensifying as the lateness of the hour portends a very grim outcome. Those who have long warned of just such an event have stated that we should tend to our spiritual natures over making efforts for our physical survival. The cosmos is organic and moves in heretofore mysterious ways to maintain balance.


  2. UNPRECEDENTED Comet C/2017 K2, still 10 months from perihelion, is inducing anomalous CMEs in the absence of sunspots which have been mistaken for a normal progression of Solar Cycle 25. The pandemic followed closely upon the heels of K2’s discovery. It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holms to crack this case. Hopi Prophecy is unfolding right before the heavily scaled eyes of a thoroughly misinformed humanity. Comets are cosmic antibodies…an immunological response to a terminally ill planet. The Corona Virus is the Cabal’s shot across the bow-shockwave of K2 which will induce Coronal Mass Ejections that will irradiate and eradicate the carcinoma afflicting this world.

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