Michael Moore finds out renewable energies don’t work – so it has to be population reduction… again.

It comes somewhat as a surprise, but the new documentary Planet of the Humans, executive produced by activist and filmmaker Michael Moore speaks (mostly) the truth about renewable energies and the epic scam of “green” industries and carbon tax collectors. It illustrates how Climate change CO2 policies are not concerned with saving the environment, quite the opposite.

It’s almost as if Moore and Gibbs were reading some alternative media outlets climate on change or articles like Climate Change Explained.

Traditionally, Michael Moore’s films are promoting straight forward and honest left-wing or globalist elitist’s talking points and agendas, such as gun control, universal health care, anti-capitalism, anti-Trumpism… But he also made Fahrenheit 9/11, an actual anti Iraq- War film; back in 2004, democrats were still against war…

It is somewhat ironic that the film happened to be released in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, as government measures and policies just put half the world’s population out of work and into the greatest recession since WWII and likely, in history. Industries, world trade and air travel are almost gone and energy consumption at a minimum as billions of people are threatened by poverty and starvation. In other words, the Green New Deal and the rest of the globalist de-industrialisation agenda has just been implemented. The film implies there is no solution to anthropogenic climate change, so we need to get rid of a lot of useless eaters plus modern civilisation as a whole.  Film director Jeff Gibbs (47:00):

“Though each of them takes Climate Change seriously, every expert I’ve talked to wanted to bring my attention to a single underlying problem.:”

Richard Heinberg, author of ‘the End Of Growth’:

-“There are too many human beings using too much, too fast.”

Anthropologist Steven Churchill:

-“As a global community, we really have to deal with the issue of population. ”

-“Population growth continues to be not the elephant, but the herd of elephants in the room.”

1:30:00: – “It’s not the carbon dioxide that is destroying the planet; it’s us!…If we get ourselves under control all things are possible. “


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