Shot dead by Corona Virus

A 55-year old man receives a positive diagnosis for Covid-19 but is apparently not sick, he decides to commit “suicide by cops” by calling the police, telling them he saw a man with a bloody knife and a possible firearm. When the police arrives, he points the gun at the officers, who open fire, striking him 7 times. The man kept pleating ‘pleas kill me’, and dies several days later in the hospital. Before his death he told doctors he wanted commit “Suicide By Cops” because of his positive Covid- 19 diagnosis.

“The medical examiner determined that the preliminary cause of death was covid, complicated by underlying health conditions and gunshot wounds. the final cause of death is pending toxicology and other test result.” 

The real cause of death should be called: “Being scared into suicide by government and  media propaganda and criminal fear-mongering about a virus  ”

Someone recently made the remark that we will soon read news reports like “Swedish Girls Gang Raped by Corona Virus”.

We have pointed to numerous reports showing that almost any death is determined a Covid-19 death these days, including car accidents and gunshot wounds, the diagnosis is made by the extremely unreliable test, or doctors are pressured to guess that a patient with longstanding illness or injuries had the virus, too. 


Video: Body Cam: NYPD Officer involved Shooting Guy with COVID-19 April 01-2020:

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