The Fall of Europe

Coronavirus: Over 1300 people test positive at German slaughterhouse, the organized destruction of the food supply


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The deliberate destruction of the food supply continues.

Update 6.21 2020 : 1300 worker of the meat packing plant have tested positive, entire worker residential quarters under total lockdown and fenced in.

On 17.06.2020 reported: Yet another German slaughterhouse has registered a massive outbreak of the coronavirus. Roughly two-thirds of the test results so far have come back positive.

A total of 657 people have tested positive for the coronavirus at a slaughterhouse in northwestern Germany, authorities announced on Wednesday, out of 983 completed tests. Local politician Sven-Georg Adenauer delivered the updated figures on Wednesday evening, cautioning that more tests were outstanding and further cases probable.

The Rheda-Wiedenbrück meat processing plant, in the district of Gütersloh, near Bielefeld, is run by Tönnies, the leading meat processing firm in Germany.

Just over 1,000 workers were tested, and most of the results were processed by Wednesday evening.

Around 7,000 people in the area have been put in quarantine due to possible exposure to the virus.

Read more:  Germany agrees stricter meat industry regulations following coronavirus outbreaks

The results have prompted local authorities to shut down the plant, and suspend all schools and daycare centers in the region until the summer holidays on June 29.

The district said it hopes these steps will work to stop the outbreak spreading further in the population.

By no means an isolated case

Germany’s meat processing sector has come under increasing scrutiny during the pandemic, with several plants reporting massive outbreaks. The sector is plagued with poor working conditions, exploitative contracts and usurious rents in mass housing for eastern European workers.


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  1. The Covid-19 test is a PCR test which detects smallest amounts of virus fragments and is therefore not any legitimate instrument to detect illness, it just measures contact with a virus. What is more the test developed by Prof. Drosten is not specific, which means it falsely indicates all virusses from the Corona family as Covid-19. In veterinary medicine as much as in the food sector vaccination against virusses from the Corona family is common practise. The positive tests could be the result of cross reactions.

    While we have seen positive tests also apart from the food sector unter similar working and living conditions as in an Austrian logistic center is unbelievable to think that any involved scientist could not come to above conclusions. I am afraid we have to assume the possibility of a hidden agenda that is bigger than just selling tests and vaccine.

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