The Lockdown IS the Pandemic: Oxfam confirms Hunger caused by coronavirus could kill more than the virus itself

The Coronavirus does not cause famine. It’s the lockdowns, justified by the threat of Covid-19, that cause famine.

Guardian Corona lockdown starvation.jpg

The Guardian  9 Jul 2020

Hunger could kill millions more than Covid-19, warns Oxfam

Starvation looms from Afghanistan to Haiti as coronavirus restrictions wipe out incomes and cut food supplies

In April,  Ian Bradbury, CEO of the Canada-based humanitarian organization 1st NAEF, told Fox News.

“We can confidently state that levels have risen. Quarantine regulations, shipping challenges, and overall supply chain issues are compounding and adding to previously existing starvation conditions,”

“We can expect more global deaths due to secondary impacts of COVID-19 than the virus itself — the World Food Program currently estimates that 265 million will be on the brink of starvation by the end of the year.”

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