German Study on Corona- excess mortality confirms: 45 % died due to Lockdowns [not the virus]

Studie zur Corona-Übersterblichkeit: 45 Prozent starben infolge des LockdownsImage: © Bernd Feil/M.i.S.

Since the beginning of the Corona Crisis, Abrupt Earth Changes has presented evidence that the Lockdown and other government measurers ARE THE CRISIS (not the Virus). 8 months into the new normal, more doctors speak out to confirm this vary problem.

RT. Deutsch 12.11.2020, English Translation: Abrupt Earth Changes

A preliminary study by the Hochrhein Clinic in Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany shows: In spring 2020 there was excess mortality, but only around half of the deaths were related to COVID-19. Many people died because they did not go to the doctor out of fear to get infected there.

In the fight against the Corona crisis, many countries, including Germany, are again relying on a lockdown. But even during the first Corona lockdown, reports were increasing worldwide that the number of patients treated in emergency medical care had fallen drastically.

Experts feared that there could be damage to health and even deaths if medical treatment for acute illnesses, that are not related to COVID-19, is delayed or not given at all. This would be the case, for example, if people no longer dare to go to the hospital for fear of infection. This “collateral damage” could cause far worse consequences than the coronavirus itself

A preliminary study by doctors at the Hochrhein Clinic in Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany, has now analyzed the consequences of the first lockdown for the first time and has now been able to confirm these assessments. In the district of Waldshut (165,000 inhabitants) in Baden-Württemberg, 227 people died in April this year. According to the study, excess mortality was 37 percent compared to the average for the years 2016 to 2019. Of the 62 additional deaths, however, only 55 percent died with or from COVID-19.

As the study author Stefan Kortüm explained, the number of inpatient treatments of complications in chronic diseases fell by 73 percent over the same period. According to the researchers, it cannot be dismissed out of hand that the remaining deaths are so-called “collateral damage”, which can be traced back to the “reduced use of emergency medical structures”. The “reduced utilization of medical care” is mainly due to the fact that many people no longer go to the doctor for fear of being infected with the coronavirus. Kortüm explains that this has led to a deterioration in the health of the chronically ill in particular:

“In particular, people with acute worsening of chronic diseases, such as lung or heart diseases, but also tumor diseases, did not seek medical help during this period.”

It is also particularly tragic that, compared to previous years, more than twice as many people were found dead alone in their homes.

But the increase in “collateral damage” can not only be attributed to the fact that people no longer went to the doctor for fear of being infected with the virus. The results of the study suggest that contact restrictions and the practice of “social distancing” also led to additional deaths. Especially with older people, it is often the family members and the immediate environment who care for them and call a doctor to visit. The fact that seniors hardly received any visits from relatives meant that deterioration in their health was often not noticed.

The medical professionals also criticize the fact that all public reporting was and still is focused exclusively on the topic of COVID-19. Other medically relevant topics have receded completely into the background in the media and thus also out of public perception.

Due to the current developments, the authors of the study therefore urgently recommend structuring crisis communication and media reporting in a more balanced way, in order not to “deter people with acute health problems from receiving the necessary medical help”. In addition, according to the doctors, the applicable contact restrictions, especially in the private sphere, should be critically reviewed and reduced to a minimum.

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