Were the Idiot Hot-Heads who stormed the Capitol led on by Opposing Provocateurs?

Why did Trump tell his own supporters to march down to the Capitol in the first place? He did not tell them to do anything illegal, but he should have seen this coming and warn them not to do anything stupid. And what did they want to achieve anyways? Talk Pelosi and Pence into acknowledging the existing extensive evidence of voter fraud? Tell Pence he’s a traitor? Brave but stupid?

After they watched Antifa and BLM riot, loot and burn buildings unhindered all summer – including storming federal buildings – did these Trump supporters think they will get away just as scott-free?

Feminists stormed a city hall to block the Cavagna hearings. Antifa occupied several city blocks for weeks and tried to burn a police station with cops locked inside. Antifa and BlM burn dozens of city centres, killing 50 people this summer. And not one rioter was shot by police. In comparison, the ‘storm’ of the Capitol was relatively lame. But nevertheless, it’s trespassing a federal building (which doesn’t justify shooting an unarmed woman). The Democrats could only have hoped for this. Or, if the doors are breached already and police signal the protesters to enter, is it still trespassing?

Well, the New York Post did claim that “Two known Antifa members posed as pro-Trump to infiltrate Capitol riot: sources.” And some police and security are seen waving people in. But most people who followed the stormers, appear to be real Trumpers, including recognised social media persons.

Revolutionaries who started hayfork revolutions, they used to have a plan first, and then at least brought their hayforks…


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