Germany: Sick leave days due to psychological problems more than tripled since 1997

01/10/2020 see German article here

The latest German “DAK Psychoreport“ was published a few days ago. The long-term analysis examines the frequency of absent days due to mental illness. For this purpose, the IGES Institute evaluated the (anonymised) data of over 2 million employed insured persons on behalf of the DAK.

“More and more people are absent from work due to mental illness. The Corona crisis brings new burdens for employees. What does this mean for employees’ health in your company? The figures show that prevention – also in the company – is becoming increasingly important.”

Even though the data for 2020 was not included in the report, an additional large increase must be expected for this year, just as drastic increases in suicide and death by despair as a result of the government’s Corona policies are prospected by numerous government agencies (see below).

Since 2000, the number of absent days due to psychological disorders has risen by 137 percent. 

In 2019, the number of absent days due to mental illness was around 260 days per 100 insured persons. That is a new record and 24 absent days more than in the previous year. Compared to 2000 this corresponds to an increase of 137%. Never before since the beginning of the DAK Psychoreport in 1997 have there been so many sick leave days due to psychological problems. In numbers: Since 1997 absent days due to mental health problems has increased by 239%. At the same time, however, the overall sickness rate did not increase to a comparable extent.

The most frequent psychological disorders were depression and “Adjustment-disorder” (psychological exhaustion disorder).

The trend is in line with all observed related developments in the West:

         (from “Solar Behavior, 2020” p. 192 )    Death by despair:

In early 2020, studies calculated that the government policies, lockdowns etc. related to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 – ‘leading to rampant unemployment, isolation and an uncertain future – could lead to 75,000 additional deaths in the US from drug or alcohol abuse and suicide.’ [i] (See also the alignment of solar activity and death by despair, Fig. p. 68).

The annual number of deaths from despair (the 3 causes above) is 158,000 per year only for the US, in 2018. [ii]

So, if we add the 75,000 in the US this year (that will be plus 50% in just one year!) then the Covid-lockdown, not a virus, is a man-made disaster without precedent only regarding suicide drugs and alcohol, not even including the 250 million people threatened by starvation because of the lockdowns. [iii]

[i] CBS news; Coronavirus pandemic may lead to 75,000 “deaths of despair” from suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, study says; SERENA GORDON; MAY 8, 2020;

[ii] Case, Anne; Deaton, Angus (April 14, 2020). “American capitalism is failing Trump’s base as white working-class ‘deaths of despair’ rise”. NBC News. Retrieved April 15, 2020.

[iii] The Lockdown IS the Pandemic: Oxfam confirms Hunger caused by coronavirus could kill more than the virus itself; SACHA DOBLER ON 11. JULY 2020;

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