FAO Food Price Index rising for nine straight months

Guess where this is going. Covid-lockdowns announced to last indefinitely, climate disruption due to declining solar cycle peaks. Mar 04, 2021

The FAO Food Price Index (FFPI) averaged 116.0 points in February 2021, 2.8 points (2.4 percent) higher than in January, marking the ninth month of consecutive rise and reaching its highest level since July 2014.

The February increase was led by strong gains in the sugar and vegetable oils sub-indices, while those of cereals, dairy and meat also rose but by a lesser extent.

The FAO Cereal Price Index averaged 125.7 points in February, up 1.5 points (1.2 percent) from January and 26.3 points (26.5 percent) above its February 2020 level. Among major coarse grains, international sorghum prices increased the most, rising 17.4 percent in February, up 82.1 percent above their values in the corresponding month last year, driven by ongoing strong demand from China.

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