The Irony of Self-Population Reduction: Swiss people vote to ban Burkas while accepting more Mask Mandates, indefinitely

Swiss socialist women with masks agains ban of burkas

Also ironically, last fall the federal government decree that the traditional Swiss Carnevale (involving costumes and masks) will be banned, In the same week, the same government decreed more mask mandates for everyone.

On Sunday, Switzerland introduced a clause in its constitution to outlaw face coverings, including the Islamic burka and niqab, in public spaces.

In doing so, it will join five other European countries, including neighbours France and Austria, who have already banned such garments in public.

In 2009, Globalist entities, primarily the EU, attacked Switzerland for passing a vote to ban all new construction of mosque towers (Minaret initiative). 

Since that year, 2009, the population increased from 7.8 million to 8.7 million, more than 100% is due to migration. This makes and increase of almost 10% in 10 years, the migrants are to a large proportion from primarily Islamic Nations, while the native Swiss population has sub-replacement birth rates and are simply going extinct. 

Since there are only a handful of Swiss muslim women who ware Burkas plus a few tourists from Saudi Arabia (and tourism is mostly canceled indefinitely), the new Burka ban can only be targeted to insult Muslims while it changes nothing to the fact that the native Swiss population is literally working for their own replacement. And they even get angry when hearing about their own replacement, and call it a right-wing conspiracy theory. So, in reality the Swiss are very migrant- friendly, but politicians (mostly left-wing) arrogantly want to “change” some migrant population’s culture when they arrive.

Needless to say, leading women of the Swiss Socialist Party were calling the burka ban “sexist and racist” while they cannot get enough of wearing their own little slave masks (See image).

From Solar Behavior p. 213.

Climate change: (only) western nations have to deindustrialize.

-Refugee crisis: (only) western countries have to accommodate 10s of millions indefinitely without a plan for integration. Population replacement of Western countries is declared to be a conspiracy theory. [i] At the same time, it’s official UN/ EU policy, cheered on by westerners to be replaced:

“Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.” [ii] At the same time, the New York Times titled in 2019; ‘Replacement’ Theory: A racist, sexist doctrine spread in far-right circles.” [iii]

-Racism: all white people, and only white people, are racist and need to pay reparations, even when the crimes were committed by remote ancestors hundreds of years ago. No one is going to demand the Hutus pay reparations for the 1994 Ruanda Genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Tutsis; most of the perpetrators are alive and free 


[ii] UN population division;: Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?;h ttps://

[iii] ‘Replacement Theory,’ a Racist, Sexist Doctrine, Spreads in Far-Right Circles;

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