Germany: Police hunt Strollers for “standing still”, Joggers for not wearing masks.

It’s official “Verweilen Verboten!” do not stand still or sit.

In many German cities, police are hunting citizens and politicians pass new illogical, draconian covid regulations every day. In some cities people are still not allowed to leave their home without permission, others are allowed to go for a walk or jog, but they are not allowed to stand still or sit down on a bench in the open. Meanwhile UK citizens now need government permission and prove of a “legitimate reason” to leave their country, thousands across the west are held in detention camps when returning from travels. Few Europeans complain about this degree of tyranny, in fact there are more Germans who still lament how awful it used to be that in former socialist East Germany, citizens were not allowed to leave the country without a special government permit, but they are just find with being locked in their apartment for a year. 

In Hamburg, last weekend, police presence was massively increased in order to enforce the new mask mandates, police helicopters are deployed to search for groups of people of more than two.   In the video, a mask sinner is hunted down with a patrol car and almost run over. 

Stay away from people that still believe all of this is about combatting a virus, they will be dangerous in the future.

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