World Economic Forum promotes carcinogenic UV-C Lamps in public Streets

Urban Sun: Klaus Schwab wants to inundate you with UV-C Radiation on the street, just like a hospital operation room, only hospitals do it at night, when no-one is in it. But not to worry: a globalist funded research team says it’s safe. Just don’t let people go outside to get some real (beneficial) sunlight…

Also “The nternational Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)”,part of the World Health Organization (WHO) says:

“UV radiation (including UVA, UVB, and UVC) is carcinogenic to humans.”

UV-C radiation of the Earth surface is expected to increase in the approaching Grand Solar Minimum naturally after 2025, so non of those who don’t realise what’s going on and don’t take precautions will be the wiser.

From Solar History p.223: “The connection between UV- radiation and solar activity:  

“To repeat: 1.) There is a direct correlation of cosmic rays and ozone depletion in the stratosphere.  [i] Ozone depletion – as in solar minimum – means more harmful UV-B and UV-C on Earth’s surface.”

“2.) the reduction in geomagnetic field strength (ongoing for the last 3000 years) lets in more cosmic rays from space and also more UV radiation from the sun. “

Earth’s thermosphere, in the upper atmosphere, is heated mainly by EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet)waves from the Sun.” [ii]

[i] Lu, Q.-B. 2009: Correlation between Cosmic Rays and Ozone Depletion 20 MARCH 2009; Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, N2L 3G1, Canada; (Received 7 August 2008; published 19 March 2009); LETTERS   

[ii] Stolarski, R. S. et al, 1975: Atmospheric heating by solar EUV radiation; Journal of Geophysical Research; Volume 80, Issue16;

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  1. Natürliches Sonnenlicht ist gut für die geistige und körperliche und seelische Gesundheit, alles in Massen, nicht übertreiben. Es kommt auch au die Wellenlänge an UV-C kommt natürlicherweise selten auf der Erdoberfläche an. Es ist theoretisch möglich, dass es in extremen atmosphärischen Umstürzen zu positiven genetischen Veränderungen beigetragen hat. Das finden wir dann irgendwann wieder heraus. bis dahin: Vorsicht und Mass. VIele naturrverbundenen Leute berichten seit ein paar Jahren, die Sonne fühle sich nicht mehr so gut an wie früher oder die Strahlung ‘steche’.

    Well, natural sunlight does of course beneficial for mental, physical and emotional well-being, but there is a too much for everything. It depends on the wave length UV-C usually doesn’t reach earth surface it is theoretically possible that extreme atmospheric upheaval has led to positive genetic changes before.
    Some of us will find out at some time, until then: caution and mindfulness.
    Some nature loving people of told me that in recent years, sun light feels somewhat harsh and the sun ‘stings’ on their skin.

    from Solar Behavior
    -“Most of us would instinctively assume that sunnier and warmer weather or climate makes populations happy, docile and peaceful. But why is the opposite the case?
    Moderate sunlight exposure has many benefits for physical and psychological health, is associated with low Multiple Sclerosis risk, and can reduce bipolar depression and improve skin health.
    Indeed, as we will see in Part I and II, what affects people’s psychological state first and foremost is not the direct exposure to sunlight, nor the lack or overabundance thereof, but the secondary effects of changes in solar activity, mainly the effects of geomagnetic activity (geomagnetic storm activity), higher secondary cosmic ray flux in solar minimum as well as changing natural occurring Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) in the form of the Schumann Resonance. “


  2. Sacha,
    ich weiß, es ist alles schon kompliziert genug, ich mag es aber dennoch erwähnen: Ich glaube mittlerweile, dass es Blödsinn ist, dass UV-Strahlung Krebs erzeugt. Schau Dir doch mal die (bisher zugegebenermaßen wenig erforschten) Zusammenhänge zwischen UV-Strahlung, Botenstoffproduktion und Bewusstseinslevel an – ist es nicht so, dass alles, wovor die WHO warnt, eigentlich gut für uns ist?


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