On July 9th, WEF is preparing for the coming “cyber pandemic”

The predictive Event 201 hosted by the WEF is repeated, but this time, it’s a cyber pandemic

This Friday July 9, 2021, the World Economic Forum is getting together with an event called “cyber polygon 2021” that simulates a “hypothetical” cyber pandemic. They will go through a scenario that would unfold if the world’s power grid was disrupted: no food, no gasoline, no heating- cooling, you get the picture. The same group of course assembled before, just a few months before COVID-19 outbreak to play out the simulation of a global virus pandemic. At the last known Bilderberg conference, held in spring 2019, the only non-listed, secret attendee was Martin Dion, a cyber security expert.

At this point, their announcement can be regarded as an open threat of them making it happen in the near future. As always, have some food and water at hand.

It was almost to the day one year ago, when Klaus Schwab of the WEF released this warning:

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