Watch Anti-Mandate Truckers being blamed for total Supply Chain Collapse

After 2 years of obedient silence, they had to stage the first real protest against mandates in Canada in the middle of winter with record blizzards and long developing supply chain disruptions?

Video by David Dubyne from Adapt2030

Will There Be Food Shortages N.E USA (After Truck Stoppages and Blizzard Clean Up?)

Truckers Anti-mandates protest Canada and more empty shelves

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  1. Video is marked as “private” – can’t view. My brother attended a “freedom” demonstration in Calgary. Tons of people, he said ~10,000, but he is not experienced at crowd counting, so take that with a grain of salt. A big issue is the ridiculous quarantine for transborder haulages. In the meantime [cases, death]s well pall-time highs in Canada on daily numbers, but its too soon to see if “wave totals” may surpass previous waves. From Steve Kirsh’s estimates, perhaps covax (vaccine) deaths rival covid, even though covax only over a year versus 2 years for covid? Sounds iffy, but then again who trusts the [media, media, science, policy, government] anymore? That trust may take a long time to get back again, but I will always remain skeptical.


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