CDC confirms Covid Vaccines cause Heart Inflammation.

“Evidence from multiple safety monitoring systems in multiple countries supports the finding of an increased risk of myocarditis and myopericarditis following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination*”

• Risk:
‒ Highest in adolescents and young adults ‒ Males > females
‒ Following dose 2 > dose 1

• Onset clusters within a few days of vaccination, mostly within a week

 • Cases have tended to be clinically mild


Myocarditis and myopericarditis following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination Tom Shimabukuro, MD, MPH, MBA Vaccine Safety Team; CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force

As far as “mild” cases of myocarditis are concerned:

In a Reuters article, Dr. Anthony Hinton (‘Consultant Surgeon with 30 years of experience in the NHS’) points out that myocarditis has a 20% fatality rate after 2 years and a 50% fatality rate after 5 years.’ Dr. Hinton poignantly explains that ‘you can’t have ‘mild myocarditis’ – in the same way you can’t be ‘a little bit pregnant.’’ 

Keep in mind, this is concerning the usual causes of myocarditis. For cases caused by nanoparticles and other untested components of the vaccine, only time will tell.

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