Sahara Dust and a Cloud of Carbon Monoxide over the Swiss Alps

Yellow sky over the town of Stans, central Switzerland 3.15.2022

A cloud of carbon monoxide concentrating over the Alps on the Swiss Austrian Border, 100 km northeast of Milan. 3.15.2022. Carbon monoxide in the Milan Region, the Po Plateau, is common, and the toxins can sometimes disperse over the Alps. However, such a concentration only northeast of Milan even if it came from Milan, with no measurable carbon monoxide over Northwest Germany or elsewhere in Europe, is very unusual.

The location of the carbon monoxide cloud over high altitude Alpine territory.
Particulates PM10 over the Mediterranean, Red: Sahara dust over north Africa and the Mediterranean, moving into Spain and Southern France. 3.15.2022.

Sahara dust on a Roof top. Zurich Switzerland March 2022

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