Freezing to death “for the freedom of Ukraine” – German Minister

“Freezing for freedom”: German CDU Minister Peter Hauk demands more sacrifices from Germans by stopping all gas imports from Russia. Comfort is not an option in the face of the cruel Russian war in Ukraine.

Stuttgart – Baden-Württemberg’s Agriculture Minister Peter Hauk has spoken out in favor of stopping gas and oil imports from Russia because of the Russian aggression war against Ukraine. “We have to turn off the money tap for Putin and thus for us the tap for natural gas and oil from Russia so that freedom finally has a chance again,” said the CDU politician on Wednesday in the state parliament in Stuttgart. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is “absolutely right” when he calls for it. Hauk considers it reasonable for the Germans if they have to freeze a bit. “You can withstand 15°C (59°C) in winter with a sweater. Nobody dies from it,” said the minister. “But elsewhere people are dying.”

Well, the minister is wrong. Old people and people with respiratory illnesses will die in steady temperatures of 15°C.

For comparison, “In the UK, mortality is substantially higher during the winter months (December – March) when compared to other seasons. There are around 25,000 excess winter deaths in England each year. Excess winter deaths (EWDs) are the observed total number of deaths in winter compared to the average of the rest of the year.1The high prevalence of cold, damp, poorly energy efficient households in the UK is considered one of the main reasons why the UK continues to have higher excess deaths over the winter period when compared with other European countries.”

  • “The 18°C (65F) threshold is particularly important for people over 65yrs or with pre- existing medical conditions. Having temperatures slightly above this threshold may be beneficial for health.”
  • “The 18°C (65F) threshold also applies to healthy people (1 – 64)*. If they are wearing appropriate clothing and are active, they may wish to heat their homes to slightly less than 18°C (65F)”

It seems as if western majority populations are finally getting what they asked for.

  • First it was: shut down power plants and restrict electricity for the climate (everyone else’s , not mine)
  • Take peoples gasoline cars for climate justice (all except mine)
  • Then it was. shut down every economy and disrupt all supply chains to fight Covid. (but keep sending my online deliveries)
  • Now starve and freeze for Ukraine, and they cannot explain how this will stop the war. Young climate and “justice ” activists will not die immediately from 15°C, but they will sure have a outrage meltdown, when reality comes to their home.

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