When the state simply stops considering Terrorism as a possible motive.

Vorfall in Berlin-Reinickendorf

Vorfall in Berlin-Reinickendorf

Berlin, District Reinickendorf: On Friday night, 11.10.2017, a rental car is driven „ at high speed“ on the sidewalk hear a bus stop, at least seven people hardly escaped by jumping to safety. The car collided with parked vehicles, then made a turn in the street and continued to drive on the opposite sidewalk and then fled the scene. The Moroccan renter of the car could not be found at his apartment, at this point, the police cannot say whether the renter was also the diver at the scene.

The only thing authorities are certain about is: It was an „Accident“ (hit and run), it was „NOT terrorism“, as confirmed by Federal Police. This was deterined although the driver hasn’t even been questioned of identified. The mainstream Media is speaking of a „Mysterious Acciden“ and „Warnings called off after suspicion of terrorism“

In an earlier version of an article on, which has since been Orwellianly altered, the Federeal Police „waned not to consider terrorism as a motive“.

here is a article by Berliner Morgenposqt in German:


Car on sidewalk in Berlin-Reinickendorf 11-10-2017

Car on sidewalk in Berlin-Reinickendorf 11-10-2017

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