The early stages of the European War: German police would need 300 million officers to enforce the law. 


What many have long warned about, can no longer be hidden:

On April 30th 2018, the police in Ellwangen, Germany tried to arrest a refugee from Togo who had already resisted deportation to Italy weeks before. The officers arrived at the refugee asylum in 3 vehicles, so presumably at least 6 people. The officers were attacked by a mob of 150 -200 refugees who forced them to yield to an „ultimatum“ given by the attackers, released the detainee and then made a „tactical retreat.“

Several days later, the police returned with 100 police vans and „several hundred officers and special units“, and were still attacked by refugees, but finally managed to arrest the fugitive. At least one officer was hospitalized. 19 migrants were intermediately arrested for attack on police officers but they will not be charged, but simply redistributed to other asylums. Many of the refugees threaten to organize and warned: in case of a future raid, they will be armed and ready.

According to the Dublin Treaty, asylum seekers in Europe must remain in the country of arrival, so almost all refugees in Germany are illegal, except a few who were brought in by airplane.

If we assume 3 officers per van, the German police needed 300 officers to arrest one single illegal migrant and they still face violent resistance. Since 2015, at least 2 million migrants were lured into Germany by the Merkel government against the law. So, technically almost all have broken immigration laws but not due to their own fault. They were deceived by the German government and promised jobs and integration, against all empirical evidence, since integration of migrants from 3rd world countries has historically failed for decades, while migrant ghettos and no-go zones are expanding as predicted.

More and more migrants are realizing that they have been deceived, the welcome culture promoted by a minority of the European politicians pushed by the state, has largely become lip service: asylum processing facilities are struggling to find volunteers and even well payed employees. Understandably, also the non-criminal migrants are disillusioned and anger is rising. Police union chief Rainer Whent said: „they have nothing to loose, and they risk everything“.

According to official crime reports, around half of the migrants into Europe have committed crimes – not counting immigration law offenses since their arrival.

700,000 crimes in 2,5 years committed by 2 million refugees.

In Austria:

„1 out of 2 asylum seekers charged with a criminal offense”


On May 16th, several African and middle eastern migrants resisted deportation to Italy, one injured himself to protest.

On the same day, it took 40! police officers to restrain ONE rioting Turkish man in a hospital.

According to the law, criminal asylum seekers are to be returned to the country of first arrival in Europe or if possible, to the country of citizenship.

Now let’s recap: The German government alone took at least 2 million refugees against the law in 3 years. About 1 million of these migrants have since committed crimes and are facing no consequences.

scenario 1

Theoretically, if the law were to be enforced, since it takes 300 officers to arrest ONE migrant, we can loosely extrapolate this to 300 million police officers to deport all criminal migrants, only to the country of first arrival in Europe, let alone outside of Europe.

As violent crimes such as rape and murder are doubling every year (i.e unprecedented, exponential increase): scenario 2

The European citizens keep tolerating how their leaders disregard the law and subsequently, murder and rape will continue to increase exponentially until Europe is drastically depopulated.

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