Red ICE.Tv: Turkey will allow migrants, potentially millions of migrants, to cross their border to go to Europe. Greece is holding back the tidal wave … for now.  Turkey has now begun a military campaign in Syria that will displace countless more.

Comment AEC: The fact that EU- and UN- officials are attacking everyone who warns that Europe should not take in millions of unchecked migrants in the middle of a pending Corona Pandemic, proves that these politicians are trying to destroy Europe. Especially when #Erdogan‘s propagandist Hilal Kaplan tweets”Let Europe burn, too”.  The same globalist leaders made the following decisions concerning the Corona Virus: for several weeks they did nothing, allowing unlimited travel, then they force quarantined thousands of Europeans, put cities under lock-down. At the same time, they make sure that unlimited numbers of migrants from another continent enter unvetted without health checks.

Don^t  forget your Multi-Mineral- Vitamin supplements (and a bit of extra vitamin C)

Watch Video: 

Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 11.35.01.jpg



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  1. The EU paid Erdogan billions of tax payers Euros, to stop the flood of migrants, and,…..
    Never trust an Islamic, the Koran tells them they may lie to their enemies, and ALL non-Muslims are enemies…. by definition.


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