Darwin Award for Europeans: get Corona to prove you’re not racist!

Florence Corona.jpg

March 12 2020: Political Correctness and Multi-culturalist-extremism kills.. Of course, no one is saying this man had the virus and I don’t wish anything bad happened to these social justice panderers. However, consider this: with ALL of Italy under quarantine, all stores, schools and restaurants closed – some Italians are still protesting to invite more migrants from third world countries. Also, large parts of Germany under lock-down, and ‘Thousands rally urging government to accept more refugees’. It is now undeniable, a certain percentage of leftists just want people to die.


Feb. 4 2020 : “Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella has suggested residents hug Chinese people to encourage them in the fight against the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, a member of Associazione Unione Giovani Italo Cinesi, a Chinese society in Italy aimed at promoting friendship between people in the two countries, called for respect for novel coronavirus patients during a street demonstration. “I’m not a virus. I’m a human. Eradicate the prejudice.”

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  1. I’m afraid he’s not my type!
    I prefer mine with; well you know what heterosexual men like!


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