The Corona-Panic put in perspective by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, MD

The Panik IS the pandemic, the virus not so much.

“Assume in previous years, we had tested all critically ill patents for Corona virus, then we would have 2,000 to 3,000 patients in Germany who die of flu and respiratory illness, who would also test positive for Corona virus, every year. ” (In the 2020 corona crisis, by 3-14- 2020, Germany had 9 fatalities attributed to Corona).


Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is an Internist, Pneumologist, Social medicine expert, MD of Hygiene, environmental clinicist and former head of a German Health administration.
Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is the first specialist we met to understand the current crisis about the coronavirus. Please support us so that we can investigate further:… Why we need to make this film:… Wolfgang Wodarg says: The corona hype is not based on any extraordinary public health danger. However, it causes considerable damage to our freedom and personal rights through frivolous and unjustified quarantine measures and restrictions. The images in the media are frightening and the traffic in China’s cities seems to be regulated by the clinical thermometer. Evidence based epidemiological assessment is drowning in the mainstream of fear mongers in labs, media and ministries. Here is the webpage of Wolfgang Wodarg: These are the producers of the video:
Dr. Wodarg’s website
Market analysis by Dirk Müller (German only)

Dirk Müller – Notenbanken entzaubert: “Was immer ihr tut – es wird nicht reichen”

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