Grand Solar Minimum

The Corona government measures ARE the crisis – global police state, indefinitely;


corona clapping for nurses

Corona crisis clapping for nurses

Beware of politicians who want to re-open the economy only on the grounds that Covid-19 case numbers are declining.

This month, a few more people have woken up to the fact that the Corona related government measures are not productive overall. The draconian quarantine and lock-down rules don’t make much sense and are full of contradictions. Regions that were put under total lockdown at an early time, like Northern Italy or New York, then go on to have the highest rates of infections and deaths, with numbers rising for many weeks to come, isolation doesn’t seem to work. Sweden with almost no lockdown measures has the same growth of infections as places under total lockdown.

Sweden no lockdown vs. World cover-19 cases

Sweden no lockdown vs. World Covid-19 cases


I said it one month ago and now it is quasi-official. It is not that important anymore how dangerous the virus is or isn’t or where it came from. The totalitarian government measures will kill many more people than the proposed virus could (likely millions), they are killing people right now.

Even the U.N. General secretary Antonio Guterres himself said hundreds of thousands of children, within this year, are “at risk of death because of the Economic crises. The crisis is of course created by government measures, recommended and imposed also by the U.N. .

“369 million children in 143 countries no longer have access to school lunch. In addition, millions of minors are at imminent danger of extreme poverty.”

Doctors warn of the consequences: “CANCER deaths caused by the indirect effects (such as postponing surgery) of Covid-19 on the NHS will outstrip the number predicted to die from the virus.”

The totalitarian overreach is unprecedented, while the official ( and controversial) death toll so far is about one quarter of that of the swine flu, which was estimated at up to 575,400 people). Remember when they locked every person in the free world into their homes for months and destroyed the world economy because of Swine Flu in 2009? No? Oh wait, that didn’t happen… Covid-19 is now COVID-1984. The shutdown IS the Corona crisis.

Whether the government shutdowns are loosened gradually soon, whether they are reinstated, or maintained for 18 months or indefinitely, as many globalist power brokers have announced: the damage is done: within a few months, half of the world population will have lost their jobs, savings and property. In a best-case scenario, it would take years of work to reverse the decline. The global economy has sustained the biggest blow in history, a more rapid recession than during the great depression. The Great depression killed 7 million in the US, and innumerable more people around the world from indirect calamities. The US unemployment just sky-rocketed, at a rate twenty times higher than the highest fluctuation since 1970.

Unemplyment 1970 - 2020 Covd-19

Unemplyment 1970 – 2020 Covd-19

The state government of Saxony, Germany, decreed that people who are outside without permission  are going to be arrested and detained in a closed psychiatric clinic. This already happened to a medical lawyer who tried to sue the government for unconstitutional and unlawful lockdown rules. In Switzerland, a medical doctor was likewise locked into a psychiatric clinic for calling for an end of the lockdown.

In Voralberg, Austria, Police fired warning shots over the heads of citizens going for al walk because they didn’t keep the social distancing.

WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warns (threatens?) ‘the worst is yet to come’:

“So called lockdowns can help to take the heat out of a country’s epidemic. They cannot end it alone. Countries must now insure they can detect, test, isolate, and care for every case and trace every contact.” Meaning forced detention whenever the government says so.

The most radical solutions are again coming from the far-left globalists, who have for the last ten years increased their pressure on climate change sinners and deniers.

After the people didn’t get excited enough about climate change, Corona virus now just happens to accomplish all their goals. In the US, the radical left’s Green New Deal was de-facto implemented. The middle class is being abolished. Air travel and industries are almost annihilated, all commerce controlled by the state and handed over to big corporations.

Justin Trudeau said: “On Easter everyone must stay home, then his wife tells the whole internet about their family Easter celebration in their country estate. At the same time, a normal Canadian dad was fined 600 Dollars for rollerblading with his daughter. In the UK, police check peoples shopping bags on the street and than randomly decide which of the items are essential, some people were fine for buying “non-essential wine” which is sold without warning in stores. If there is a good indicator that you are living in a global police state, it’s when you can’t know whether you are breaking the “law”, because the authorities just keep making up new rules as they go. Citizen protest would be the only measures that could be taken by the people against these measures, but all gatherings are illegal. Or rather, in some countries, for instance Germany, the right to protest is still granted by court ruling with some restrictions, but police just keep arresting people at will, anyways. All of this is now humiliation and control at the level of dog training, they don’t pretend any more that the rules must make sense. “Come here, sit, you sell this, you close shop, two meters distance.“ Bureaucrats in Zurich decreed you can’t buy baby clothing or books, but marijuana pipe shops and liquor stores are open.

Solitary sunbathing far away from anyone is illegal in many countries, while outdoor sports are allowed. In the UK “Sunbathing is banned, because it is NOT essential movement’. Tilo Kabliz of the Berlin Police said on 28.03.2020: “There is a catalogue of conduct rules. People are allowed to go out for sport activities. But it is not allowed to lie in the park for sun bathing. “Citizens in Austria get arrested for sitting on a park bench by themselves. Right out of 1984, when Winston Smith is ordered by the official on the TV to do his exercise :“bend down deeper, Winston!”.

The waves

There lies some danger in taking the virus too lightly or carelessly mocking the excessive fear mongering by politicians and media, or even calling the virus a “hoax”. The government measures are causing deaths, and as this continues, the actual death toll as a result of the lockdown rules may increase exponentially. Again, the globalist elites will call them Covid-19 deaths, not “fatalities of our draconian measures. “

Virologist Wolfram Brune of Heinrich-Pette-Institut, Leibniz warns: “the Covid-19 virus will probably never disappear.“  So, it’s global medical martial law indefinitely.

The German government has been preparing to kill large numbers of people.

Sweden is playing a dangerous game with their not going along with the WHO recommendations of total lockdown. This cannot be because the Swedes were the only people who resisted the globalists will, the Swedes have been on a path of social and economic suicide for decades, they go along with any self-destructive globalist credo. We shouldn’t be surprised if we see a sudden spike of cases in Sweden (possibly at the end of May), and the WHO will say: ‘see that’s what happens when you don’t listen to our ‘advice’.

In several countries (e.g. in Switzerland), regional governments are calling for an end of the lockdown, meanwhile establishment health experts “warn” (or threaten?) it is too early and could result in new waves of infection. This opens the door to a new problem. The Covid-19 case and death numbers are a product of decisions by authorities like the WHO or national health administrations. By their own admissions, these are political numbers, not scientific numbers. One day, numbers jump up because of changed diagnostics standards, the next they drop because of statistical corrections. EU and U.N. case numbers have spiked, they almost doubled from one day to the next and then drop to half again the next day see (04-17-2020). You don’t have to be a doctor to tell that no virus can do this over a 4 month pandemic. The government declares doctors have now to just guess which death was a Covid-19 death … the number spike the next day. These numbers can be played like a fiddle, for ever. From Hope to Fear, like the terror threat alert from code yellow to red.

Now suddenly “The World Health Organization (WHO) is very concerned about the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Africa. Last week, the number of people infected on the continent increased by 51 percent, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at an online press conference. The death toll increased by 60 percent.

So, if the rulers let the people out of the cages because the people demanded it due to diminishing case numbers, if the numbers spike again, that can only mean one thing: ‘see, told you! We need more government control.’

They have announced the lockdowns will go up and down for 1- 2 years and they mean it. Voting all leading pro-lockdown politicians out of office and cutting all ties to the WHO would be the only option, but the mob will defend these institutions to their death.

The leading figures of the management of the corona pandemic are warning of a second wave, a third wave. Waves until 2020 or beyond….

People are dying from the economic collapse brought on by the government measures, they die from falsely applied respirators, they die from being abandoned in care homes, postponed operations, increasing domestic violence, starvation, from fear and loneliness.

Medical operations are being postponed indefinitely, if bureaucrats deem them “non-essential”. Other than cosmetic surgery, one may wonder how many millions of people in normal times go in for “non-essential” surgery, just for fun?

All the talk about waves has of course nothing to do with electromagnetic waves, nor with the social experiment and 1981 movie “the Wave”. All associations are purely coincidental.

The Third Wave was an experimental social movement created by California high school history teacher Ron Jones in 1967 to explain how the German population could accept the actions of the Nazi regime during the Second World War. While he taught his students about Nazi Germany during his “Contemporary World History” class, Jones found it difficult to explain how the German people could accept the actions of the Nazis, and decided to create a social movement as a demonstration of the appeal of fascism.“

Sounds like snitching on your neighbour for not self-quarantining or wearing the mask?


From climate dictatorship to virus dictatorship.

Politicians in press conferences decree that everybody have 2 meters of distance while they themslves are standing shoulder to shoulder, for instance Dr. Fauci, Trump, Pence and the Covid-19 Task Force, they are not even pretending to be concerned about a corona infection themselves. When everybody thinks they are the most important people right now and they must not get sick at any rate. It’s almost as if they know something you don’t know.

Covid-1984 task force no social distancing

Covid-1984 task force no social distancing the white house can’t move a few chairs?


Why are nurses and doctors not dying in masses with their little paper masks? Why is it not save to go for a walk with the same mask? Grocery workers, postal workers, police are not over-proportionally sick. The globalist elites vow to ban cash, but for now, cashiers aren’t sick handling cash all day. The German government is actively preventing coronary autopsies of deceased Covid-19 victims.

Death numbers are artificially inflated, every death can be diagnosed as a corona virus death. People dying after many years of cancer or previously healthy people dying from car crashes are diagnosed Covid-19 victims, without a test (tests are highly flawed and unreliable anyways). Doctors are forced to just guess without a test whether a deceased person had the new virus, which makes the same symptoms as a common cold or flu.

Death from pneumonia and the seasonal flue have dropped to almost zero. Many hospitals lay off nurses and doctors because of a lack of work, they don’t have too much work. Nurses have the time to make choreographed tiktok dance videos while they fight at the front lines. Fake news stories of corona mass graves pass unquestioned by the frightened masses.


Support the troops:  soldiers vs. nurses

corona clapping for nurses

corona crisis clapping for nurses

Nurses are the new “war heroes”, “fighting the virus at the front line”, they make their “sacrifice for the freedom of humanity,” and so on. The good citizens are ordered to clap on command from the freedom of their balconies. Remember when Americans were ordered to clap for the hero soldiers fighting on the front lines after 9/11? Heroes of the War on Terror “Support the troops”, or you are a bad person. Most of these soldiers are dead or dying in the streets: suicide, PTSD, vaccine damage (Gulf War Syndrome), addiction, homelessness. Disillusioned republican red necks had to learn the hard way that war is one method for Democrat elites and Neocons to get rid of republican voters.

Nobody cared for soldiers before, and no one cared for them after.

Nobody cared for nurses before, and no one will care for them after.

The change in the propaganda theme is significant in the context of changes in the collective mental state and aggression in grand solar cycles. As the War on Terror was launched at the end of the last Grand Solar Maximum (the ‘modern Grand Maximum’) and at the peak of the 11-year cycle around 2001- 2003, the propaganda was tailored to the heightened excitability and aggression of the mob. Now it’s all about care for the sick, tolerance and empathy “let’s stay home for each other.” ‘One World: Together At Home’ Delivers Over 270 Millions Viewers Worldwide. Goes well with the elite’s calls for a One World Government.

Ap index peace 1850 -2020

Ap index peace 1850 -2020


Readers of AbruptEarthChanges are aware that most of what we see on the world stage these years is tied to solar and geophysical changes in one way or another, influencing climate and human behavior.

As we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum, either now or in the next solar cycle (after 2031), climate disruption and further crop losses must be expected. In such Grand Minima, population reduction is the norm, however, when societies used to be self-sustainable, the population reduction was in some ideal cases a gradual adaptation to the new, less stable environmental conditions and thus less traumatic. Plus, self-sustainable farmer societies were not dependent on world trade that is controlled by international monopolists and bureaucrats like today.

Further, as demonstrated in Solar History (2018), in a Grand Solar Minimum – on a multi- decadal time scale – human peacefulness, rationality and cooperation are increased. On the other hand: wars, genocides and the dominance of old, illegitimate power structures usually decrease. Historically, this has manifested in social and political improvements described as “awakenings.” So, it’s only normal that globalist elitists would ramp up their control efforts before or during such a transition phase, at times as the last attempt to keep in power.

Lowered solar activity not only comes with climate decline and improved human behavior and rationality, but with various other solar system changes.

A few months ago, I wrote “Why the left will most likely fail to set off a major race war in the next few decades.” With declining solar activity and in particular, with rapidly dropping geomagnetic activity, it would be difficult for the powers-that-be to rile up the masses for war and violent uprisings. Alexander Tchijevsky had discovered the connection a century ago.

Before and during the War on Terror, the media and politicians had their script appealing to the high excitability and aggressiveness of the mop, the rhetoric evolved around combat: “Let’s get the evil doers, smoke them out of their holes, retaliation! The soldiers were fighting with arms, for our freedom, at the frontlines and so on.

Contrarily, since a few years the way to total state and corporate control was attempted with appeals to empathy and feelings, first with climate change – which failed – then with mass migration, and now there happens to come along a pandemic which is used to accomplish all the proposed goals. The doctrine of anthropogenic Climate Change targeted the feelings primarily of young people in the west, the rest of the world did not care too much. “drowning polar bears, together for coral reefs, old people are destroying the rain forest with their cruise ships” and so on. The same ideology for mass migration.

While some people are seeing the abuse of power and the abolishment of all human rights for what it is, the majority of people want it and they will fight for their own demise as long as they can imagine themselves to be virtuous, snitch on quarantine breakers and have them arrested. Celebrities call for putting anti-lockdown protesters on terrorist lists. Most Europeans are in favor of the lockdowns; 10 percent want even harsher restrictions of their freedoms, so you can’t help them. Stalin, Hitler and Mao – all coming to power at solar maximum, “the war times” – each had to kill millions before the rest obeyed without objections. They are probably rolling in their graves with envy right now.

As a grand solar Minimum, in the long run, also leads to climate disruption, crop losses and ultimately food shortages, the pandemic provides a perfect scapegoat to explain these food shortages, they are now created by government actions before the naturally produced shortages are becoming too obvious. Keep up to date with the demolition of the global food supply with Ice Age Farmer.

In addition, the pandemic covers up the fact that most western nations were on a straight path to bankruptcy, European countries like Italy and Spain may have hoped to be bailed out by the EU with Corona Relief money, just like Greece years earlier.  The Covid-19 pandemic is the Swiss army knife of global domination. Democratic elections are canceled.

Cash is being abolished. Drones are surveilling citizens. Properties and businesses of the middle class are being handed over to international banks.


Global de-factor martial law  / up and down, indefinitely

More and more politicians and globalist players are slowly coming out to say that the lock-down measures will last another week, all summer, or until they have a vaccine, which will take 18 months or more according to the (WEF for instance). The Federal Reserve Bank also warns the  U.S. may face 18 months of rolling shutdowns.

People don’t even dare think about how many will still be alive after the world economy was shut down for one and a half years. Justin Trudeau says lock-down is the new normal.

We are seeing the long expected authoritarian power grab by globalist politicians and bankers, which they have been announcing for many years.

End the lockdown and prosecute all politicians who spread lies to implement these measures.




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