Zurich May 9 2020 Anti-Lockdown Protest




Zurich Switzerland, Sechseläutenplatz May 9 2020 Anti-Lockdown Protest/ Vigil (Mahnwache). The crowd was of a diverse spectrum: families, leftists, patriots, climate change activists, etc.

Zurich May 9 2020 Anti-Lockdown Protest

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  1. Thanks for your encouraging words. The field theory looks promising, I will look into it when I get to it. It may even be complemented by alignments of the other giant planets: see Long-term Periodicities in North–south Asymmetry of Solar Activity and Alignments of the Giant Planets by J. Javaraiah; 2020
    Yes IQs have been dropping for 150 years, mostly in the Modern Grand Maximum, primarily due to disgenics, so this won’t just flip back to normal, even if the hello-geophysical environment returns to solar minimum conditions. drinking and suicides are up as they go up in the 11-years solar minimum. I’m steadfast that after some population reduction (which may go less traumatically than in previous cycles) we will do incredibly well in the coming decades.
    Sacha Dobler


  2. I dont know how to reply to your comment, but what do you think about miles mathis theories about solar minimum and his charge theory?

    I dont see myself that people are becoming more self controlled, rational and peaceful, just more apathic and lethargic. Have not iq gone down significantly the recent 100 years? There seems to be more drinking alkohol, alot of people buy alkohol nowadays it seems. Maybe just because of the recent events. I finished reading your book solar history, excellent one. You are a very good writer.

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  3. I dont think it is a coincidence that during this solar minimum when people have low energy and are apathic there is this roll out.


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