Inconvenient for the Elites: German anti-lockdown protesters vote Green party, the Left and fewer Afd (Conservative).

Throughout the 2020 Corona Crisis, Politicians and Media have struggled to ensure the public that the only people who question their Covid-19 lockdown and quarantine policies were Right-wing extremists, AfD voters, “climate deniers”, so-called ‘Reichsbürger’ (fans of the former Germany Monarchy) or at least AfD voters. The narrative was that everyone who wants to re-open society and the economy is a bad person who wants your grandma to die. 

A new study by a research team from Basel found the activists and protesters of the largest anti- lockdown group – the Querdenker Movements – consist of a broad spectrum of mostly Green party voters, Left- party voters, but also conservative AfD voters. There is a high percentage of entrepreneurs and academics.

As the mainstream media now sees itself forced to acknowledge this colourful spectrum, instead of calling this diversity, the mainstream Zeit- online calls it “an enormously contradictory Movement.”

Zeit online: 4. Dezember 2020 In the last federal election, 21 percent of the Querdenker voted for the Green Party, and 17 percent for ‘die Linke’ The Left Party.  14 percent voted for AfD. 

The study was conducted by sociologist Oliver Nachtwey of the University os Basel, as reported by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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