Stupidity keeps spreading viral: Swiss City tests 75% Covid-positive: officials are alarmed and terrified!

corona test checkpoint Tessin. Image

Here is what this result would mean in a sane society:

75% of Tests are positive (soon everyone?) 

+ overall death rates are barely above that of a normal flue season 


= the Pandemic is over (for now, until people get sick from mask related fungi and bacteria infections or from the vaccine). 

But quite to the contrary: experts and politicians take this high positive test rate as an indicator that we need even tougher lockdowns and more abolishing of rights. Plus one of their concerns is that most who test positive are asymptomatic. This used to be regarded as a good thing throughout human history. 

here the article by (Translation: Abrupt Earth Changes):

“On Saturday, December 12th, the corona count at the checkpoint in Lugano Switzerland is terrifying: 74.6 percent of those tested were infected. Now more and more medical professionals are calling for a tough lockdown.

Christmas markets, shopping for gifts, Advent aperitifs (drinks) – the virus celebrates with us. Especially in Lugano Ticino, Switzerland, the people are in the mood to go out and the number of cases is high. A recent test outcome in the city alarms the Ticino doctors. On Saturday, 67 people came to the checkpoint at the Padiglione Conza exhibition center. They wanted to be tested. And authorities are amazed: 74.6 percent of them were positive, as reported by «LiberaTV».

“Usually the proportion of positive results is 40 percent,” says Claudio Camponovo (58) to BLICK. That is still higher than the national average of 20 percent, according to the President of the Medical Association of Lugano and Director of the Ars Medica Clinic in Gravesano TI.

In addition, what adds to the concern is that many of those tested were asymptomatic. “Usually it is people with symptoms who are sent by the family doctor or the hotline. But last Saturday, there were also many people there who needed a negative corona test to travel to Italy, “says the Ticino doctor. There were also infected people among them.

The number of tested people is increasing in Ticino

Around 200 people can be tested daily at the five checkpoints in Ticino. Since Italy introduced its latest corona rules, the number of requested test has increased by a good third. “The curve of the second wave is not sinking, that worries us,” says Camponovo, “that clearly heralds a third wave.”

The gatherings of people at the Christmas markets, in the department stores, but also the meetings for aperitifs in the bars and lunch in restaurants are too dangerous. The virus also spreads easily to queues at the ski lift.”

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