How Elon Musk promoted his Bullet-Proof Truck just Weeks before the BLM Summer of Violence…

Did Musk know something or did he just put 2 and 2 together, like many of us who warned of the violence?

In the 2020 BLM/ Antifa riots, dozens of drivers had their windows smashed, were shot at or were pulled out of their cars and beaten by frenetic mobs. It is true that some drivers did flee with unnecessary high speeds, where injuries of the rioters could possibly have been prevented. But countless incident showed once the mobs surrounded a car for whatever reason, standing still was no option. Many who obeyed and waited in front of an illegal street blockade, were pulled out and beaten anyway. And even when rioters wer standing in a freeway in the night behind a curve, the media just called it ‘driver plowed through peaceful protesters’.

In May 2020 when he promotet his Tesla Cyber truck: Musk insisted it would be impact resistent and bullet proof to a hand gun. (at the promo event it turned out not to be impact resistant at all, embarrassingly). Jay Leno of Los Angeles asked why would that be important that it is bullet proof? Only one month later many normal Jos found out the hard way, that some dooms day preppers have a point.

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