Solar Behavior (2020) full Part 3: The current attempted self-destruction of the West

Chapter 1
Adaptation to solar conditions

“I have thought for a long time now that if, some day, the increasing efficiency of the technique of destruction finally causes our species to disappear from the earth, it will not be cruelty that will be responsible… but the docility, the lack of responsibility of the modern man—his base, subservient acceptance of every common decree. The horrors which we have seen, the still greater horrors we shall presently see, are not signs that rebels—insubordinate, untamable men—are increasing in numbers throughout the world, but rather that there is a constant increase, a stupendously rapid increase, in the number of obedient, docile men.”

  • George Bernanos, Tradition of Freedom, 1950 [emphasis mine] [1]

1.1 Overpopulation vs. underpopulation

Fig. 23 Fertility rates, Birth per women 1800-2015 in a selection of developed and developing nations; for Growth of the World Population: The birth rate decreases as soon as households rise above extreme poverty.” Graph: Good News for Humans and the Planet; The Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues; Alexander Fink, 6 September 2018;

Malthus and later Paul Ehrlich both described over-population as one of the biggest problems of humanity.

The exploding population in the world – which doubled just since 1960 – increases the effects of other problems such as natural climate change due to declining solar activity and food shortages.

Populations in poverty have on average higher birth rates. In Europe and Northeast- and northern Asia, birth rates were very high until the early Modern age and the Industrial Revolution, with a high mortality rate. Leading to high fluctuation, but stable population numbers. 

In 1798, Thomas Malthus published, anonymously, his sensational work “An Essay on the Principle of Population.” He claimed ‘populations tend to always grow faster than the production of food, part of society seemed to be condemned to misery, hunger or epidemics: these are the scourges that slow down population growth and that, in Malthus’ opinion, are the principal obstacles to the progress of society.’ [2]

Contrary to his prediction, the ‘Malthusian Trap’ did not snap shut in the 20th century, rather, the Agricultural Revolution was able to keep up the food production, and the British are still around today.

Paul Ehrlich himself reached fame for predicting: “Dire famine’ by 1975: Experts Chart Worst Failures in ‘eco-polcalyptic’ Predictions.” [3] Ehrlich said the famine is due to overpopulation; “birth control may have to be accomplished by making it involuntary and by putting sterilizing agents into staple foods and drinking water.”

That is genocide by the UN definition, just as again today elitist globalists are proposing different methods to reduce the population in order to ‘combat climate change’, the refugee crisis and the Corona crisis. Their moto seems to be: let’s make life for the common people difficult enough so they don’t breed.

Today all industrialized countries, not only in the West, have fertility rates below replacement (first and foremost among the wealthy classes), ‘this is happening in about half of all nations.’

In July 2020, the BBC announced: “Jaw-dropping’ global crash in children being born.” [4]

Researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation showed the global fertility rate nearly halved to 2.4 in 2017 – and their study, published in the Lancet, projects it will fall below 1.7 by 2100. [5]

The problem of climate change in Africa has to a large extent become a problem of overpopulation and land mismanagement. Farmland is overexploited, forests are cleared for fire wood and pastures, soil is eroded by wind or rain, the land becomes infertile. Today, food production keeps declining, but the birth rates and mortality rates are very high. As a consequence, many ‘Climate Refugees’ are more accurately ‘overpopulation- and land-mismanagement- refugees’. The problem is fueled by Western countries and the U.N. with unsustainable aid projects that make the receiving countries even more dependent.

In Europe, birth rates began to decline rapidly at the end of the 20th century as mortality decreased, and more people grew old in peace, the standard of living led to continuous decline in birth rates that is now well below replacement levels in all European countries. In Europe, only immigrant populations (especially of Middle Eastern or African descent), have birthrates above replacement levels.

Western left-wing politicians, globalist elites and genocide-friendly intellectuals like Ehrlich are keen to convince Europeans and white Americans to not have children, when their fertility rates are below replacement anyways, but these globalists usually don’t dare speak of population reduction in the Third World, it would reveal they really want to reduce the populations of poor countries i.e. non- western countries. In the midst of the Black Lives Matter agenda of 2020, these same globalists, or the far left, just disavowed (without giving the reason) Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, after celebrating her for decades. They did not mention that she and her organization were founded on a racist, eugenicist objective. Sanger: “We don’t want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro Race.” She had also advocated for ‘compulsory sterilization and segregation for people with disabilities.’ [6]

In 2018, the US fertility rate dropped to an all-time low of 1.72. “The rate has generally been below replacement since 1971 and consistently below replacement for the last decade,” according to the new CDC report, which is based on more than 99 percent of US birth records. [7]

Also in East Asia, populations are declining wherever the standard of living and life expectancy are increasing. Particularly northern Asia: Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are facing the same fate as Europe and North America. In 2020, ‘expert say the world population is likely to shrink after mid-century’, forecasting major shifts in global population and economic power. [8]

             A Eugenics program in plain sight.

China implemented the authoritarian one- child policy in 1979- 2015 to keep the population stable but abandoned it to counter over aging and population decline. Half of the parents (mostly the wealthier) were allowed by the state to have a second child anyways. [9] So, it was more state control over selective reproduction than overall numbers.

The one-child policy was sold as a measure for checking population numbers. But what really happened was a eugenic process:  In many Asian cultures, girls are selectively aborted more often than boys, as is happening today primarily in India. When the number of children was restricted by law, primarily among the lower classes, the Chinese started to abort disproportionally more girls than boys, leading to a large surplus of men in marriage age by the 2000s. The resulting 30 million bachelors of the “world’s most radical experiment” are called “Broken Branches”.[10] In a conservative, collectivist but competitive society like China, women select more intelligent and high- conscientious men, thus more men with lower intelligence were left without marriage, their genes being selected out of the population because of the scarcity of women. Thus, what the one-child policies really did, is raise the heritable factors of Intelligence and conscientiousness in the offspring of that generation. I propose this was a stealth eugenicist program in plain sight. The state did not even try much to disguise it. Needless to say, if the state had been concerned with population stability, they would not have allowed selective abortion of girls in the first place. And a state authoritarian enough to forbit poor people from having children, would surely have made it illegal for doctors to reveal the gender to future parents.

Chinese IQ is already among the highest in the world (105). And indeed, intelligence in China ‘increased from 1986–2012.’ FIQ scores increased by 6.19 points. [11] Single children (in China as well as the US) score higher on intelligence and achievement tests due to what was believed a ‘lack of dilution of resources.’ [12] In fact, higher IQ parents within any society have lower fertility, or more single children and higher income.

As of 2018, China’s local authorities ‘are scrambling to incentivize women to have more children, as the country’s birth rate continues to drop’. [13]

Today, only in Africa, and to a lesser extent in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia, i.e. in equatorial/ tropical regions, fertility rates remain high even when life expectancy and national development status grow, leading to unrestrained population explosion.

In Sub-Sahara Africa fertility rates are very high, Niger’s fertility rate is 7.75 Children per woman.

The trend is most dominant in Muslim and sub-Saharan Christian peoples. ‘The top 40 countries by fertility all belong to these 2 groups.’

A decline in fertility rates of more than 40% without direct interference from the government is observed also in El Salvador, Panama, Jamaica, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and India. [14]

The global average IQ is 88,5, and declining steadily. The threshold for the formation of a functioning democracy or an independent economy is IQ 90, according to Professor Nyborg [15] (see also below).

The Demographic Transition Model (DTM) describes how a country’s population naturally evolves through four stages. Where standards of living rise, life expectancy extends, and people start having less children. The DTM model was originally developed to explain the population-related development in Europe and the United States since the start of the industrial revolution. [16]

Why are the biggest declines in fertility rates observed in western countries? Societies with low fertility have the following in common: high national income, ethnically European or of European descent, higher national IQs, they are primarily in higher latitudes, they are of low ethnocentrism and low religiousness.

Following an argument by E. Dutton, the low birthrates and low ethnocentrism can best be predicted by how long an ethnic group has been industrialized.  [17]

Europeans are less ethnocentric than East Asians. Western- and Northern- Europeans are less ethnocentric than Eastern- and Southern Europeans, in accordance with the length of time these peoples were industrialized.

Fig. 24. Fertility rates, children per woman; 2015 all high-fertility countries are in equatorial tropical regions centering in Africa.

Chapter 2
Can self- population regulation be triggered by Grand Solar Minimum?

Already by the 1980s, the anomalous below-replacement fertility characterized most of the industrial countries. “Never before in recorded history – not even in the great Depression – has fertility been so low for whole societies as it is now in the industrial world.” [18]

For millions of years extending back in prehistoric times, a special feature of hominid groups was their moderate fertility. Moderate fertility of hominids means K- selected, slow life history strategy. Fertility negatively correlates with wealth both within and between human populations. [19]

In 1800, during the Industrial Revolution, the fertility rate in the US was 7.4 per woman.

             Self-population regulation

To decrease the population numbers can in ideal cases be biologically meaningful, in order to prevent dominant species from exterminating their own food resources in their habitat and as a result, themselves. This behavior preserves not only the dominant species, but as an additional effect, it can preserve pray species from extinction.

If a species or population can intuitively sense an arriving Grand Solar Minimum and start to decimate their numbers by reduction of fertility, this would constitute a long-term winning strategy, and a type of accelerated K-selection, or slow life strategy, over time. It would prevent a quick mass die-off at the time of onset of the solar minimum induced climate disruption.

Peoples who are in climates which are harsh, but predictable, i.e. in higher latitudes, have less offspring but invest more energy and resources in their upbringing. After the onset of a Grand Minimum, before climate conditions turn more irregular and eventually colder, the climate changes to conditions which are normal for more northern (in northern Hemisphere) latitudes. So, ideal adaptation will tend to more K-selected strategies and behaviors, whenever a Grand Solar Minimum or a long “winter is coming”!


Richard W. Wrangham, 2019 wrote on the self-domestication of humans:

“Parallels in anatomy between humans and domesticated mammals suggest that for the last 300,000 years, Homo sapiens has experienced more intense selection against the propensity for reactive aggression than other species of Homo. Selection against reactive aggression, a process that can also be called self-domestication, would help explain various physiological, behavioral, and cognitive features of humans, including the unique system of egalitarian male hierarchy in mobile hunter-gatherers. “

Wrangham concluded that sophisticated language enabled males of low fighting prowess to cooperatively plan the execution of physically aggressive and domineering alpha males. This system is known today as a leveling mechanism in small-scale societies. [20]

2.1 The ‘Spiteful Mutants

One million people commit suicide annually worldwide. New research has shown that several mutations of genes involved in nerve cell formation and growth may predispose certain people suffering from depression to commit suicide.  [21]

A maladaptation is a trait that is (or has become) more harmful than helpful, in contrast with an adaptation, which is more helpful than harmful. All organisms, from bacteria to humans, display maladaptive and adaptive traits. In animals (including humans), adaptive behaviors contrast with maladaptive ones. Like adaptation, maladaptation may be viewed as occurring over geological time, or within the lifetime of one individual or a group. [22]

 V. C. Wynne-Edwards asserted that a very large part of the animal population regulation depends not on “Darwin’s hostile forces but on the initiative taken by the animals themselves; that is to say, to an important extent it is an intrinsic phenomenon.” [23]

Animal experiments with different insects and rodents in enclosed habitats without predators or food shortages all show that the ‘populations increase and then stabilize at a predictable population ceiling.[24] (see also Mouse Utopia, below). This happens without self-destructive “mutants” who actively undermine the group.

In experimental guppy populations with ample food supply for instance, the fish cannibalized their surplus offspring at birth (see below).

Woodley of Menie et al, 2017 [25] refer to the rise in ‘spiteful mutants’ which cause people to act against their own genetic interests and then are able to negatively affect non-carriers of the gene in question.

They argue that “in social species, interorganismal gene-gene interactions, which in previous literatures have been termed social epistasis, allow genomes carrying deleterious mutations to reduce via group-level pleiotropy the fitness of others, including noncarriers. This fitness reduction occurs by way of degradation of group-level processes that optimize the reproductive ecology of a population for intergroup competition through, among other mechanisms, suppression of free-riding. Such damage to group regulatory processes suggests a hidden role for the accumulation of behavior-altering “spiteful” mutations in the dynamics of the demographic transition—these mutations may have contributed to the maladaptive outcomes of this process, such as widespread sub-replacement fertility.[26]

The social epistasis amplification model, (SEAM) posits that “the fitness costs of deleterious mutations are not limited to the organisms that carry them.”

This is possible in light of the existence of interorganismal genomic interactions, that is, social epistasis, whereby the genome of an organism can influence another organism’s gene expression and therefore phenotypic traits.[27]

Edward Dutton established a model for such self-destructive behavior: ‘Spiteful’ individuals often manifest even outward mal-adaptive genetic expressions. In nature or in human hunter-gatherer tribes, individuals who are destructive to the group, are sorted out and go extinct; in modern human societies until about 1850, natural selection was still at work, and more productive members, with higher intelligence and higher conscientiousness, had on average more children, so such mutants who are working against their own group interests, died out due to infertility and in case of severe crimes against the group, incarceration or execution. As Darwinian selection was reversed in the late 19th century, and the less adapted had more children, the mutations were able to propagate more readily. The process was accelerated drastically after the 1950s. Today, the less fortunate and less productive are well adapted to their environment of an increasing welfare state in a novel sense, being on one or more welfare programs predicts having a number of children above the replacement rate in the West.

The process is accelerated by double relaxation of Darwinian pressures. A demographic analysis by H. Nyborg shows what happens to modern sub-fertile high-IQ Western populations when Internal Relaxation of Darwinian Selection (IRDS) combines with External Relaxation (ERDS, in the form of super-fertile low-IQ non-Western immigration) into Double Relaxation of Darwinian Selection (DRDS). In short: “The genotypic IQ decline will ruin the economic and social infrastructure needed for quality education, welfare, democracy and civilization. “ [28] Dutton, 2019 elaborates:

“If the “spiteful mutants” influence society, they can persuade even non-carriers of these ‘spiteful’ genes to act in self-destructive ways and they can undermine structures – such as religion – which help to promote group interests. (‘social epistasis’). As a consequence, modern (liberal) religion and ideology – far from being an indirect means of genetic preservation – would in fact reflect a sick society’s growing desire to destroy itself. An obvious example can be seen in the ideology of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness.“ [29]

This is consistent with the fact that “signaling virtuous victimhood is an indicator of Dark Triad Personality – Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy.” [30]

2.2 Suicide rates, ethnicity and latitude

We have seen that overall suicide rates are higher in (Schwabe) solar minimum. Further, the rates of deaths by despair are roughly in agreement with solar activity, and especially with geomagnetic activity from the 1840s to today (see Fig. 11). So, solar minimum as well as Grand Solar Minimum means more suicide, alcohol- and drug- related deaths. A study among primarily Mexican Americans showed “Positive ethnic identity (i.e., strong ethnic affiliation, attachment, and pride) is associated with less substance use and stronger antidrug norms overall.” [31]

We noted the stark increase in deaths by despair since the 1990s (see p. 67).

Fig. 25 Suicide Rates By Country; note suicide rates increase significantly with latitude. Most dominant exceptions from the rule are low latitude India and French Guiana, Suriname. Cartographer: aspiremapper; Data WHO 2016;

The suicide rate in the US increased 33 percent from 1999 through 2017, from 10.5 to 14 suicides per 100,000. [32] In 2018 it was already 14.8 per 100,000, so an increase of 41 % from 1999 to 2018. [33]

For the US, overall suicide rates as well as the increases in suicides in the past 20 years are greatest in non-Hispanic whites, American Indians or Alaska Natives, i.e. populations or descendants from populations originating from northern latitudes.

The estimated global rate by 2016 was 10.5 per 100,000 population. [34]

There exists some controversy regarding the suicide rates in China. In contrast to the WHO data above, the CDC reports China’s suicide rate is 22.23 people out of every 100,000, among the highest of the world, which further underlines the geographical and cultural distribution patterns. [35]

Fig. 26 Age-adjusted suicide rates for males, by race and Hispanic origin: United States, 1999 (dark bars) and 2014 (light bars), the overall rates as well as the increases in the past 20 years are greatest in non-Hispanic whites and non-Hispanic American Indians and Alaska Natives (AIAN), i.e. populations or descendants from populations originating from northern latitudes. Data source, NICHS; Image Wikipedia.

Fig. 27 Age-adjusted suicide rates in the United States by race, 1981–2016. Again, note the overall decline up to the turn of the millennium, and the subsequent increase since the data does not include the 2020 coronavirus crisis with its associated spike in suicides. Data: WISQARS Fatal Injury Reports”. Re§§trieved June 1, 2019.

             Death by despair

In early 2020, studies calculated that the government policies, lockdowns etc. related to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 – ‘leading to rampant unemployment, isolation and an uncertain future – could lead to 75,000 additional deaths in the US from drug or alcohol abuse and suicide.’ [36] (See also the alignment of solar activity and death by despair, Fig. p. 68).

The annual number of deaths from despair (the 3 causes above) is 158,000 per year only for the US, in 2018. [37]

So, if we add the 75,000 in the US this year (that will be plus 50% in just one year!) then the Covid-lockdown, not the virus, is a man-made disaster without precedent only regarding suicide drugs and alcohol, not even including the 250 million people threatened by starvation because of the lockdowns. [38]

In 2020 the German DAK PsychReport revealed that employees’ sick leave days due to psychological disorders more than tripled from 1997 to 2019. [39] The data for the first Corona year 2020 had not yet been available but must be expected to constitute an enormous additional spike. The most frequent psychological disorders were depression and “Adjustment-disorder” (psychological exhaustion disorder).

             Societal ‘suicide’

Now let me add a controversial notion: in the multi-generational context, not having children could be linked with the same outcomes as suicide/ death by despair, for it leads to multi-generational “Darwin Awards”, even if childlessness itself does not have to do with despair. There are good reasons not to have children, and there has always been a place for valuable members without children in societies. Individuals categorized as Genius’ have on average low fertility, as they invest their energy in creation and invention. But when the rate of childlessness reaches a certain threshold – as in late Roman times – this is usually the end of a civilization, leading to one type or another of ‘Mouse Utopia’ (see below).

Further, high- risk/ low-fertility lifestyles and fatherless childhood – the latter being strongly correlated with violent crime and anti- social behavior and thus prison and early death – can broadly be connected to ‘multi-generational Death by Despair’.


In the US, Eleven percent of Americans aged 12 years and over take antidepressant medication. In the EU, consumption of antidepressants doubled between 2000 and 2017. [40] in Germany, consumption of antidepressants increased by 46% in only four years (2012-2016). [41]

Not only do we see the same trend of a drastic increase of antidepressant use in this new millennium, following the trend in increased death by despair, but there appears a gradient in increase antidepressant consumption with distance from the equator, leading are the US, Iceland, Australia, Canada, Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. Further, there is an east-west distribution not related to latitude, in the US and Iceland, consumption is 8,5 times as high as in China or Korea.

According to the CDC, Non-Hispanic Whites are 3.5 times more likely to use antidepressant medication than are Non-Hispanic Blacks and 5 times more likely than Mexican Americans (Data 2005- 2008). [42] “There is no difference by income in the prevalence of antidepressant usage”. So, the race differences in psychotropic drug use are not related to socioeconomic status.

Fig. 28 Non-Hispanic white persons are 3.5 to 5 times more likely to take antidepressant medication than persons of other races and ethnicities. Differences in psychotropic drug use are not related to socioeconomic status. Data and image. CDC Pratt Laura, et al 2011: CDC; Antidepressant Use in Persons Aged 12 and Over: United States, 2005–2008; NCHS Data Brief No. 76, October 2011;

              ‘Spiteful Mutant’ animals

John F. McDonald. presented the evidence of extinctions resulting from a breakdown in the assumed correlation between fitness and addictedness of a species. However, “examples of self-extinction in the way of a group suicide are difficult to document. [43]

In bee colonies, some bees may become maladaptive for genetic or epigenetic reasons. Most of these die or are expelled, but a few sometimes turn to damage the hive, by falsely feeding the larva, generating too many drones or too many queens. Or guard bees let in predator species or bees from other hives who may try to kill the queen. Thus, a few maladaptive members of the group can severely damage or kill the colony.

The anarchistic workers can become destructive to the hive, worker bees can sometimes lay eggs, for instance after the queen dies: “if their queen is lost, they begin to function like queens themselves. 

They lay eggs and produce queen-like substances but the whole thing comes to nothing and the colony dies”. [44]

In the Cape Bee, the developing eggs of the workers can combine and produce dip-loid females, a process called automixis; this is rare, but occurs in other species such as certain ants, termites and even shrimp. ‘Too many queens lead to the Capensis Calamity.’ The queen-like Cape workers drift into other hives and become parasites, reducing the host colonies to anarchy and ruin.

             Self-population-regulation in different species

Infanticide among animals is a widespread phenomenon with no unitary explanation. “At present, the most obvious factor influencing facultative expression of the infanticidal trait is population density.” [45]

In experimental guppy populations with ample food supply for instance, the fish cannibalized their surplus offspring at birth.

It has been suggested that in some species cannibalism may play a major role in the regulation of offspring population density (Thibault 1974; Dahlgren 1979). [46] Cannibalism is widespread in the animal kingdom and is particularly common in arthropods and fish. [47]

Zoologists from the University of Toronto have cracked the ecological puzzle of how animals – in this case the arctic ground squirrel – manage to control their own population in the northern boreal forest of Canada. “In high density populations – which resulted when the squirrels had both protection and food – females stopped reproducing. “They get pregnant but terminated reproduction somewhere between pregnancy and when the babies should have appeared above ground after weaning.”

The researchers believe the female squirrels shut down reproduction in order to increase their own chance of survival. [48]

Sadleir (1965) proposed that seasonal changes in the survival of juvenile deermice are determined by seasonal changes in the aggressiveness of the adult population. This was confirmed experimentally by Healey, 1967. [49]

The eating habits of mothers may be key to keeping wild animal populations in check, a study suggests. [50]

A mother’s food availability during pregnancy dictates the appetite of her young. Dr. Tom Little, with the University of Edinburgh’s School of Biological Sciences, found this effect actually helped protect populations from intense growth explosions and crashes, coupling an infant’s dietary demands with current resource abundance. In other words, hungry mothers’ yield naturally less hungry youngsters, less likely to eat their way out of a future. “This effect seems to help keep populations of wild animals stable, and may help them avoid extinction.” [51]

The maternal nutritional history predicts obesity in adult offspring independent of postnatal diet. [52]

             Current collectivist self-criticism extremism

So, an increasing number of people, primarily in the West, are actively, often apparently subconsciously, working to undermine their own society and yearn for their destruction. This manifests also in the before mentioned low birth rates, as in almost half of all nations worldwide, fertility rates are below replacement level (for western countries replacement level is 2.05 children per woman).

In addition, it is mostly left-voters, democrats who exceed in the following life outcomes and choices:

– not having children at all, authoritarian pro-abortion activism: it is now not enough to be able to abort their children, they want to encourage every (white) woman to do so or better get sterilized to begin with.

This includes chemically sterilizing children in gender reassignment procedures. When New York State passed a law allowing 9th month abortions, they didn’t acknowledge it solemnly with the consideration of the distress of women that presses them to killed their babies, rather they celebrated it by lighting up the Empire State Building festively.

Governor Norton of North Carolina legitimizes post birth abortion.

– couples in the West are now cherishing abortion-fetish, where they conceive deliberately only to abort at a planned mid-term date for sexual gratification. It’s almost as if they were driven by hatred for their own and life in general. [53]

– being excessively open to migration (including migration from cultures which are – ironically – much less open and tolerant than the host cultures).

– They are determined to destroy the economy of their own countries

for extreme pseudo-environmentalism, and climate Change counter measures, these activists accuse their own western societies of being solely responsible for CO2 emissions, while Saudi-Arabia and several Gulf states are much wealthier in GDP per capita, produce much more CO2 per capita and their governments are laughing about western CO2 concerns. By 2021, China produces now more CO2 than all other nations combined, but globalist politicians and the media insist no one is allowed to demand China reduce their emissions, because they have “a right to development”.

Meanwhile, left-wing Americans are following the progressives’ call and undergo vasectomies “for the climate”.

The authoritarian activists are willing to shut down their own industry and infrastructure even when the real damage is done abroad. It’s almost exclusively western activists who are demanding that the west must stop plastic from being released into the oceans (assuming the plastic comes from the West) when in fact, 95% of the plastic in the oceans come from 10 rivers, 8 are in Asia and 2 in Africa. [54]

This is perfectly in line with the bizarre circumstance that white left-voters in the US and Europe are the only group in known history of the world that are officially negative in ethnocentrism, they perceive white people as inferior and prefer the company of people of other ethnicities over their own, while their preferred (diverse) people prefer their own. White liberals are the only people who are significantly more likely to ‘report intense or extremely frequent feelings of tenderheartedness, protectiveness, and sensitivity when considering the circumstances of racial and ethnic out-group members.’ [55]

Homosexuality traditionally does not affect birth rates significantly. Non-conservative life styles, involving for instance homosexuality and promiscuity and urban single lifestyle are tolerated in the West as never before in any other time or place, which can generally be regarded as a victory of individual human rights and freedom. Today, these lifestyles are glorified and actively encouraged by government and institutions to such an extent, that population replacement and social cohesion are challenged further. Children (especially the ‘mentally unstable’ [56]) are encouraged to become transgender, and they more and more often undergo gender reassignment therapy and hormonal transitioning in childhood, chemically castrating them for life before they are even mature. To become transgender, people require to be sterilized in most European countries. [57] Sounds a bit like a Nazi eugenics program to exterminate transgender people under the guise of helping them?

Plus, the ‘FDA has documented thousands of deaths linked to the puberty-blocking drugs now increasingly given to children who “suffer from gender dysphoria or claim to be transgender.” [58]

Slow life strategy/ K-selection is more prevalent in higher latitudes, and as expected by this model, fertility rates are today declining in higher latitudes, while they are above replacement levels in equatorial populations of non- East Asian and non- European origin.

Now, we have populations in all these northerly and temperate latitude countries that are inclined to reduce their population numbers. It’s not just wildly increasing infertility – which is affecting people of many cultures around the world, even in the Middle East. But people in moderate latitudes really don’t want children, just like the romans in their late stages of the empire, where the upper and middle class, the citizens, could not be incentivized to have children, not even with large tax cuts and benefits (see below).

Certainly, humans cause damage to the environment, but to solve these problems, we need the most productive, creative and intelligent members to work on them. Humanity or nature is done no favor when intelligent women become self-loathing cat ladies who are busy to undermine and destroy western societies and the modern lifestyle around the world – instead of improving these systems towards accountability and sustainability.

2.3  Obesity: Can humans “sense“ an “Ice Age” in advance?

By 2015, nearly one in every three people worldwide was projected to be overweight, and one in ten is expected to be obese. [59]

“Obesity is a consequence of an elevated caloric intake, a sedentary lifestyle and a genetic as well as an epigenetic predisposition.” [60]

Humanoids underwent substantial genetic changes 2 million years ago, at the onset of the Ice Age, and changed to a thriftier metabolism.

The thrifty gene hypothesis, which argues that obesity is an evolutionary adaptation for surviving periods of famine, has dominated the thinking on obesity for half a century. [61]

R. Oʼrourke: “Approximately 2 million years ago, an ice age radically altered earth’s environment and changed the course of primate evolution:”  [62]

What also happened 2 million years ago, was two supernovae arrived at Earth, and this ‘may have changed human behavior’ as posited by Brian Thomas at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. [63]

“With the onset of the ice age, competition was amplified and the evolutionary pressures that selected for metabolic thrift increased dramatically. The constituents of the hominid diet also changed, with a transition towards a protein-rich carnivorous diet as high carbohydrate fruits and vegetables became less abundant, generating concomitant selective pressure for insulin resistance to ward off hypoglycemia.” [64]

This is also called ‘carnivore hypothesis’ and explains the relationship between metabolic thrift, adipose tissue accumulation, and insulin resistance, which had its genesis long before Homo sapiens and underlies the pathogenesis of obesity- related diabetes.

Now, here is the challenge concerning the obesity epidemic of the last few decades: overweight and obesity keep rising everywhere, even when calorie intake is declining, in some countries since the 1990s.

D. K. Li et al 2012 noted: “Diet and sedentary life style cannot totally explain such a steep world-wide increase in obesity across countries with vastly differing dietary patterns and degrees of physical activity.” [65]

The incidence of obesity worldwide has risen dramatically at the end of the past century, enough to be formally declared a global epidemic by the World Health Organization in 1997.

E. A. Genné-Bacon 2014: “A rapid increase in any medical condition should be attributed to environmental changes, yet obesity has been shown in numerous studies to have a strong genetic component, indicating a potential gene-environment interaction.” [66]

Fig. 29 Calorie consumption per capita vs. obesity prevalence in Japan 1975- 2015; As in most developed countries, we see a decline in calorie consumption since 1995 and a continuous increase in obesity. Data: Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, National Health and nutrition Survey, 2012

             Ice Age Gene

Inuit people have the same ‘caveman genes’ that helped an extinct type of human survive the last Ice Age.”

Arctic Inuits have genes that help them survive cold, by converting fat to heat. “Researchers have now traced back this region of the genome thousands of years. They found these adaptations first came to modern humans from an archaic hominid population, likely related to Denisovans.” [67]

Recall people born in solar minimum live longer than people born in solar maximum (p. 30). This seems to chime in with the relationship between solar activity and life history strategies. In solar minimum, the ‘bad-weather-periods’, energetic and climatic conditions change to become more conducive to people with slower life history (K-selected).

Watve and Yajnik’s (2007) introduced the “behavioral switch hypothesis” wherein obesity is associated to the capability to switch between K-selected and r-selected life history, in what the authors called “strong vs. smart” or “soldier vs. diplomat” lifestyle. [68]

             Hunter Gatherer genome and obesity

In Solar History, it was seen that during the last millennium, people were taller in Grand Solar Maximum than in Grand Solar Minimum (Chapter 19). Michal Feldman et al report the first genome-wide data from a 15,000-year-old Anatolian hunter-gatherer and from seven Anatolian and Levantine early farmers. They find high genetic continuity (~80–90%) between the hunter-gatherers and early farmers. [69]

So, farming developed right at the end of the Pleistocene, even before the Younger Dryas cooling period, the first known megalith site – Gobekli Tepe in Southern Turkey – is dated to at least 9,600 BC, at the end of the Younger Dryas cold period.

Z. Hochberg 2018, describes how “During the 1.8 Myr of Hunter Gatherer lifestyle, physical activity was intense and metabolic fuels were high in animal protein and low in CHO, and the genome of these Hunter Gatherers was adapted for low insulin sensitivity.”

The emergence of the agrarian epoch 12,000 years ago saw a transition to a sedentary lifestyle by farmers, and the consumption of a high-CHO and low-protein diet, which required the genome to adapt to low activity levels and high insulin sensitivity. This time period (onset of the Younger Dryas) is the transition from the Pleistocene to the Holocene, so the farmer’s high-CHO and low-protein diet is in effect the post-glacial-period or post Ice Age diet. [70]

             Ice Age arthritis

Researchers in the US have discovered that a gene mutation, which increases the risk of arthritis, evolved in the Ice Age to help protect our ancestors from frostbite. Around half of Europeans carry a variant of the GDF5 gene which nearly doubles the chance of developing painful joints, and also knocks around 1cm off height. The gene is virtually absent in African populations. [71] Now, the incidence of rheumatic Arthritis has been increasing in the west by 50 to 100 % from 1996 – 2015, in this new millennium of dwindling geomagnetic activity.  [72]

             Energy expenditure and genes

Pontzer et al 2012, hypothesized that human daily energy expenditure may be an evolved physiological trait largely independent of cultural differences. The team compared energy expenditure of current day hunter- gatherers in Tanzania (Hadza) to that of westerners. As expected, physical activity level, PAL, was greater among Hadza foragers than among Westerners. Nonetheless, contrary to expectations, average daily energy expenditure of traditional Hadza foragers was no different than that of Westerners after controlling for body size. The metabolic cost of walking and resting were also similar among Hadza and Western groups.

“The similarity in metabolic rates across a broad range of cultures challenges current models of obesity suggesting that Western lifestyles lead to decreased energy expenditure.” [73]

             No known farming before the Holocene

“Several independent trajectories of subsistence intensification, often leading to agriculture, began during the Holocene. No plant-rich intensifications are known from the Pleistocene, even from the late Pleistocene when human populations were otherwise quite sophisticated. last glacial climates were extremely hostile to agriculture—dry, low in atmospheric CO2, and extremely variable on quite short time scales.” [74]

Low Life expectancy Ice Age.

Adult mortality distributions suggest low life expectancy and demographic instability across Late Pleistocene human groups. They indicate only subtle and paleontologically invisible changes in human paleodemographics with the establishment of modern humans; they provide no support for a life history advantage among early modern humans. [75]

H. Kaplan list four distinctive characteristics of human life histories as compared to those of other primates and mammals: an exceptionally long lifespan, an extended period of juvenile dependence, support of reproduction by older post- reproductive individuals, and male support of reproduction through the provisioning of females and their offspring. [76]

             Obesity and UV radiation

Leslea J. Hlusko and team put together clues concerning the episode of selection on human genetic variation – when people first migrated into the Western Hemisphere – and they found an example of adaptation to life at high latitude during the last Ice Age. [77]

Selection on genetic variation in the EDAR gene during the Ice Age was attributed to health consequences for nursing infants by means of enhanced branching in the mammary ducts, which increases vitamin D intake for an infant. The increase in mammary ductal branching ‘seems likely to influence the transfer of nutrients from breast tissue into milk’. [78]

High prevalence of vitamin D (VD) deficiency in obese subjects is a well-documented finding. The question of Consequence or Cause has not been resolved.[79] The authors suggest that targeting lifestyle through healthy diet and exercise should be the first treatment option that will affect both obesity-related dysmetabolic state and vitamin D deficiency.”

At the same time, decreased UV radiation exposure is affecting all societies, due to urbanization, industrialization, migration to more northerly latitudes, and increasingly due to natural climate change, e.g. cosmic rays – induced high altitude cloud formation.

It is also interesting to note that ultraviolet radiation suppresses obesity and symptoms of metabolic syndrome independently of vitamin d in mice when they are fed a high-fat diet.

These studies suggest that UVR (sunlight exposure) may be an effective means of suppressing the development of obesity and MetS, through mechanisms that are independent of vitamin D but dependent on other UVR-induced mediators such as Nitric Oxide (NO).” [80]

Thus, it is possible that obesity is associated with solar minimum conditions via UV radiation and Vitamin D levels.

“One of the theories on the origins of obesity involving weather forecast models argues that the fetus uses signals from the in-utero environment – particularly nutritional signals — to “predict” what kind of environment it is likely to encounter during childhood and/or adult life.” [81]

             Obesity epidemic and magnetic fields

Again, “Diet and sedentary life style cannot totally explain such a steep world-wide increase in obesity across countries with vastly differing dietary patterns and degrees of physical activity.” [82]

Prenatal exposure to high Magnetic Field levels is associated with increased risk of obesity in offspring. “Maternal exposure to high MF during pregnancy may be a new and previously unknown factor contributing to the world-wide epidemic of childhood obesity/ overweight.” [83]  The frequencies of the MF were not specified.

Inversely, Ob/Ob mice (hyperphagic, obese) when treated with 0.5 T direct current electromagnetic fields, were found to increase their activity, lose weight and fat in a 6 day period. [84]

For humans, it was even found that repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation delivered to the left DLPFC (at 10 Hertz) was effective in decreasing food intake and facilitating weight loss in obese patients. [85]

A meta-analysis by Khali et al found repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation may be a potential treatment for a subset of individuals suffering from obesity through the reduction of food craving. [86]

As obesity is – among other factors – connected to epigenetic changes, some carriers of the Hunter Gatherer Genome may react not only to changing UV-radiation, but to the geomagnetic activity and/or cosmic ray flux of a announcing Grand Solar Minimum – or rather, a drop in Solar- and geomagnetic activity that is indicative of an approaching Minimum – by epigenetically activating the ‘Ice Age Gene’ and this may contribute to the recent increase in obesity since around 2000. Could the decline in geomagnetic activity, preceding the decline in solar activity – even decades before the climate reacts notably – lead to a later-life onset in obesity by activating the Hunter Gatherer metabolism even if solar activity should rebound for another decade?

Certainly, the modern obesity crisis is primarily due to food quantity and quality and has started in the US around 1980 (still in solar maximum.) Further, a coincidence of the introduction of GMO foods and an uptick in obesity in the same countries has been observed in numerous cases.

On the other hand, calorie consumption per capita has been leveling out since around 2000 in the developed world [87], but obesity continues to increase (Fig. 29.)

The prevalence of obesity increased significantly among adult men and women between 1980- 2000.” More recently, between 2005- 2014, the prevalence of overall obesity and extreme obesity increased significantly among women. [88]

2.4 Mouse Utopia experiment, “Universe 25”:

The term was used for a series of behavior trials on mice. An experiment by animal behaviorist John Calhoun in 1972 studied the development of a population of mice (starting with only 8 mice) in an enclosed space with limitless food and dwelling compartments. What drove the mice of a population experiment into extinction after two years, was not violence, but the abandonment of reproduction. [89] The Smithsonian Institute commented that what looked like rat utopias and mouse paradises at first ‘quickly spiraled into out-of-control overcrowding, eventual population collapse and seemingly sinister behavior patterns’.[90]

The demographic downward spiral in the mouse colony: In the end [after about 1500 days into the experiment] the colony consisted entirely of non-reproducing females and of attractive, but sexually uninterested males (duped the beautiful ones). On day 1588, the experiment was terminated because of the ‘extinction of the colony’. Comparisons with human populations were made: Johnathon Freedman suggested the cause of the demographic decline was ‘not over population, but rather uncontrolled social interaction.’

The comparison with humans is lacking for the reason that in nature, mice defend their territory and expel competition, male rats expel their male offspring, in captivity – with nowhere to go for the son – the son is killed.  So, even though the mice had enough food and living spaces, these were not natural conditions. In contrast, humans have to some extent adapted and evolved in the past 10 millennia to live in towns and cities, so we are somewhat selected to live in clustered spaces. Nevertheless, it is intriguing to observe similar trends in social behavior in modern western populations: – plummeting birth rates; -Increase in fatherless households; – dissolving of male and female role models, narcissism and uncontrolled social interaction.

             Kin selection

When interacting individuals are more closely related, they should be more likely to cooperate, show more selfish restraint, and show less aggression. [91]

Smith, (1964) defined kin selection as “the evolution of characteristics which favor the survival of close relatives of the affected individual”.

The concepts of kin selection and inclusive fitness have become accepted for their ability to explain what we see in cooperating colonies of bees, ants, wasps and so on. In nature, colonies of bees are amazing in their harmonious behavior towards members of their own colony but in contrast, they are utterly ruthless in attacking other colonies when their defenses are inadequate, when “their guard is down.” [92]

Kin selection theory also predicts the existence of spiteful behaviors, where an individual suffers a personal cost in order to inflict harm upon a social partner. Examples of spiteful behaviors include bacteria producing chemicals that kill nonrelatives, or wasp larvae preferentially attacking and killing individuals to whom they are less closely related. [93]

             Ant invasion into Europe

Since its inadvertent introduction from South America into all other continents with a Mediterranean climate, the Argentine ant Linepithema humile (formerly Iridomyrmex humilis) has invaded vast areas, becoming a major pest species in the past few decades. In Spain and Southern France, these much more aggressive invaders are pushing indigenous ant species to the brink of extinction. But they are the only species where the members of two different hives are not aggressive toward one another.  [94]

The main supercolony, which ranges over 6,000 km from Italy to the Spanish Atlantic coast, effectively forms the largest cooperative unit ever recorded. [95] All other ant colonies, even of the same species, immediately attack each other when they come in contact. The newcomers from South America however, even though they are genetically related via supercolony, they usually live in separate nests and avoid each other. But when it comes to attacking native species, they collaborate as one colony, and even share food. The new ants have become ’one of the most persistent agricultural pests in southern Europe.’ Only a few isolated native species e.g. in Corsica have managed to defend their territory and survive.

Needless to say, there is no indication that the inability of native ant species to defends themselves against the invaders has anything to do with unwillingness or lack of self-preservation. Nevertheless, the similarities of the outcomes to human affairs in Europe at the same time are striking and somewhat cynical. For humans, it’s not that migrants of more southern regions into Europe are invaders or aggressors, but rather that Europeans in large numbers are quite literally asking to be replaced and the rest is watching passively. That is why personally, I easily get bored to hear complaining about “white genocide” and the like. It’s rather “attempted white auto-genocide”, isn’t it?

2.5 Oikophobia (Update Oct. 2020)

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

The quote is from a post-apocalyptic novel by the author G. Michael Hopf. [96] Solar History demonstrates empirically how these cycles of civilization followed the rhythm of the grand solar cycles in at least the past 1000 years. Several civilizations have declined in undergoing a process of ‘Oikophobia’ which has been defined as “the fear or hatred of home or one’s own society or civilization.” The term was coined in this sense by British philosopher Roger Scruton in 2004, in his book England and the Need for Nations.

This process has developed mostly in Western cultures: in ancient Greece, in Rome, in the French and British empires, and now in the United States and Europe. It could be ascribed to the negative side effects of an “overkill in agreeableness and empathy” and the dysgenic side effects of industrialization, wealth and the modern welfare state. What concerns as here is why this is happening at an unprecedented speed in the 2000s and especially around 2020. In the Roman Empire, the process of developing hatred for one’s own culture and genepool emerged gradually and took 200 years to complete. Now, European and North American oikophobia is ravaging at an unprecedented speed, showing the same results within a few decades.

2.6 An example and warning: The decline and fall of the Roman Empire

Late stage Roman society saw a similar social mood as we are seeing in the West today, low fertility, low family-orientedness and low ethnocentrism, low in-group preference, narcissism and so on, from the early years of its decline – from around 200 A.D.- onward. This was a much more lengthily and tedious process than today. Here, there was no particular steep drop in overall solar activity, between 200 and 450 A.D, although it should be added we have only solar activity as in cosmogenic data but not geomagnetic data from that time, it is probable that a decline of the latter took place in the 4th and 5th century.

The first climate catastrophe of the Current Era began only around 540 A.D., at the time of the Justinian Plague (541 to 543 AD), coinciding with the late stage decline and fall of the Roman Empire and it came just after the end of a brief Grand Maximum according to the classification criteria of Inceoglu, F. et al 2015. This Grand Maximum peaked in 517 AD and had a duration of 27 years. [97]    

R & D Neuhäuser, 2017 analyzed solar activity and temperature between AD 550 to 840, roughly the last three centuries of the Dark Ages. This time range includes the so-called ‘Dark Age Grand Solar Minimum, whose deep part is dated to about AD 650 to 700, as seen in increased radiocarbon, but decreased aurora observations (and a lack of naked-eye sunspot sightings).’ [98]

The period 535- 536 A.D. is well accepted as a time of abrupt climate change. The series of events are conservatively rated as the “most severe and protracted short-term episodes of cooling in the Northern Hemisphere in the last 2,000 years”. [99]

Various famines in Western Europe are associated with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and its sack by Alaric I. During the Gothic wars: “between 534 and 563, the city of Rome was taken and re-taken by opposing forces five times, by one estimate, the city’s population was reduced by 90 % during this period.” [100]

Let’s return to 3rd century Rome. Hugh Trevor-Roper describes the decline of Rome as having begun already around 200 A.D:

“All the great structures […] the aqueducts, the amphitheatres and the city walls – were raised before the beginning of the third century. After that, there was almost nothing. More and more historians began to discern “a fundamental structural change” at the time, “which the great emperors at the end of that century, and Constantine himself at the beginning of the next, did but stabilize.” [101]

In 1920, Professor O. SEECK pointed out a ‘problem of the biological order’ in the late Roman Empire:

“The cruelty and suspiciousness of the emperors removed and killed all persons who, by their mental qualities, capacity, and energy, raised themselves above the average. Through an artificial, inverted selection independence and originality were stamped out and a servile people bred.” [102]

In terms of intelligence (60-80% heritability) what is described here is a de-facto dysgenic process. Overall population started to decline by declining birth-rates ‘already from 100 A.D. onwards during the earlier years of the Empire. ‘[103]

“We see in our own days how the fall of the birth-rate commences in the upper classes and soon spreads down to the lower. This decline seems to be common to a high culture, at least the same phenomenon appeared among the civilized populations of the [British] Empire, the Greeks and the Romans.[104]

Cultural progress – except in technology – declined; before, it had been ‘depending on the upper class’. “This Roman upper class, beginning about the second or first century B.C., died out with extreme rapidity. Each generation was perhaps a fourth of the previous one, largely through rearing very few children.” [105]

A. H. Jones noted, referring to the 4th century: “On our evidence the peasantry were in general apathetic and docile; of any spontaneous action on either side [of two peasant armies] there is scarcely any trace.”  [106]

The peasants’ apathy was described as their most destructive attribute, “their passivity allowed a small group of foreigners, the Germanic tribes, to seize power.[107]

As early as in the 18th century – in ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ – Edward Gibbon identified five major causes that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire: First, the breakdown of the family. Second, increased taxation. Third, an insatiable craving for pleasure. Fourth, an unsustainable buildup of armaments. Fifth, the decay of religion. [108]

“The nation of soldiers, magistrates, and legislators, who composed the thirty-five tribes of the Roman people, was dissolved into the common mass of mankind, and confounded with the millions of servile provincials, who had received the name, without adopting the spirit, of Romans.” [109]

The decline began with low birth rates – especially among the upper classes – and was then accompanied by promiscuity, abortions, widespread infanticide of unwanted newborns [110], orgies and venereal disease among the establishment, replacement of Roman soldiers with non-Roman soldiers, non- Roman emperors from the provinces, Emperors obsessed with sexual deviancies, but uninterested in governing, mass immigration: it all seems familiar in regards to current developments in the West. Unwanted children were disposed of on the street. Gibbon: “In ancient times the parents had a right to expose children whom they did not desire to educate. Where the supply of food is scarce among primitive peoples this may be excused. Among a civilized people, when economic egotism has obliterated the natural feelings of the parents, it is nothing but legalized infanticide.” [111]

Seneca (died 65 AD) warned one of the foundational reasons Rome would fall was the fact that “they divorce in order to remarry. They marry in order to divorce.”

Already Augustus knew that the falling birth rates were not the result of abstinence, but of contraceptives, he enacted laws to create positive and negative incentives, but the upper class could not even be bribed into wanting children. [112]

Mass population transfers were tried, whether to people recently conquered lands, to replenish newly depopulated ones, or as political policy.” [113]

Meisenberg (2007) has observed that when civilizations become advanced the standard of living among the higher classes increased to such an extent that their stress levels drop to a point where they start questioning their religiosity. He claims that this is what happened towards the end of the Roman Civilization, and it likely helped to explain the ‘low levels of ethnocentrism observed at this point in Rom’s history, when foreigners were effectively permitted to take over the city.’ [114] 

Murray (2003) noted “[…] “Taken as whole, the Roman world throughout its history, whether republic or empire, was a near intellectual void when it came to the arts and sciences—“peopled by a race of pygmies” in Gibbon’s contemptuous words. Scientific, philosophic, and artistic progress did not come to an end when Rome fell, but, without much exaggeration, when Rome rose.” [115]

             Parallels to today’s situation

In 2016, former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks warned:

“Europe is going to die because of this [low birth rates], because Europe can only maintain its population by unprecedented levels of immigration […]. The contemporary historian of ancient Greece and ancient Rome saw their civilizations begin their decline and fall, both the Greeks and the Romans attributed it to falling birth rates because nobody wanted the responsibilities of bringing up children.” [116]

As of today, most of the current infrastructure in Europe was built between the late 1800s and 1960, even the average residential home in Germany, for instance, is 36 years old,[117] we are living of what our grandparents built. As we saw above from Charles Murray, the number of significant inventions and inventors has been declining already since the 1850s.

The currently fast declining solar activity is overlapping not only with some climate irregularities and peacefulness, but also with social inertia/ passivity of the masses. Globalist, collectivist politicians and media leaders are pushing for social division with such fervor, that if we were affected by the same degree of social excitability as in the solar peaks of the 1850s, 1917 or the 1940s, intercontinental civil war would surely have ensued. Lenin, Hitler and Stalin needed much less propaganda and finger-pointing to trigger the excited mobs to war and genocide. But today, the population remains relatively indifferent. To get the Black Lives Matter movement going again, it took a monumental propaganda effort by all media, opinion leaders, almost all western politicians and all corporations. It emerged out of silence just as during the last presidential election cycle in 2016.

By the way, I had written an article in 2019 titled: “Why the left will most likely fail to set off a major race war in the next few decades.” [118] The data showed that almost all the largest race riots in US history of the last century took place at peaks of solar maximum. Now in 2020, It’s at the trough of a deep solar minimum.

Was I mistaken? Well, as for the 2020 BLM riots, arson and looting, it’s not really a race war right now, is it? Rather an attempted political coup by the democrats using marxist Antifa, BLM and all levers of media propaganda. The violence and the riots are committed by an unhinged minority of largely white middleclass individuals, which is consistent with a rise in certain mental illness and suicidal tendencies in solar minimum. They are spurred on and enabled by the left-wing elite, media and a corrupt justice system, which bails out violent rioters and arsonists with a slap on the wrist. Recall that virtue signaling is an indicator of Dark Triad Personality – Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy. [119]

The main driving force that makes it possible to have two months of riot- sold as race riots- to go on unpunished, is the apathy and ardent self-criticism of the silent majority, who just stand there and watch their cities burn down, wandering: ‘If some people are so angry at normal people, then that means we must be racist, sexist, bigoted… even if we don’t know it.‘

It is also the first time in history, that the entire global elite, almost all politicians and media leaders are viciously opposed to the American president, or at least they very convincingly pretend to be. Only 20 years ago, the same media- and opinion leaders even defended George Bush’s lies about non-existing Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Chapter 3
Why just now?

3.1 Converging Involved mechanisms

Let’s summarize the relevant precursors for the main hypothesis of the attempted self-destruction of the West.

– Some populations regulate their own numbers to prevent eradication of their food sources. The impetus may be modulated by solar and geomagnetic field fluctuations as precursors of natural climate change cycles. Humans are likely to react to these changes, even if the conditions do not culminate in a full Grand Solar Minimum.

– Humans may “feel” (by geomagnetic field changes, electron bombardment, muon flux effecting hormone cycles, etc.) the onset of a glacial period every 100,000 years and even a grand solar minimum every 200-400 years.

– Some humans subconsciously adapt even in advance of worsening climate and shorter vegetation seasons by having less children and adopt more K-selected life histories and more forward oriented strategies. (This process may be initiated even if solar and geomagnetic conditions turn out to rebound to average levels within decades).

– Most people don’t adapt and live as usual.

– Maladaptive individuals or “spiteful mutants” can undermine the group interests – under Darwinian pressures, these individuals die out. In human societies, since about 1850 – with the Industrial Revolution and the climate- and food- stability of the Modern Grand Maximum – this safety mechanism was disrupted, as Darwinian pressures were relaxed and the less fit have more children than the well adapted. Thus, such spiteful mutant genes were able to proliferate, mutants can reach positions of power and instigate others to act against the interests of their own group or ethnicity.

I propose, the ‘spiteful mutant’ may not only be a product of relaxation of Darwinian pressures, unfit to survive in a competitive environment, but some of the mutations actually aim at the reduction of their own group’s numbers, and this may be a remnant of a once biologically adaptive trait.

– In Grand Solar Minima, there is generally lower aggression and increased rationality. The unprecedented pacification process – mostly in northern regions and particularly in Europe – in the Middle Ages, was followed by a dysgenic decline and the rise to influence of maladaptive individuals in the past century. A meta-analysis by M. Woodley et al found that IQ declined by 13.3 points since Victorian times between 1889 and 2004 in England. [cxx] These findings strongly indicate that with respect to the g factor, Victorians were substantially cleverer than modern Western populations.

– Metabolic drift (re-activation of the Ice Age gene) may contribute to the obesity epidemic of recent decades, without an actual new Ice Age necessarily occurring.

             Current social and behavioral trends (primarily in the West)

– We have been seeing a steep decline of geomagnetic activity since 2004 following a steep decline in solar activity since 2010, indicating the end of the Modern Grand Maximum and the end of the coinciding period of Global Warming (no significant global warming since 2001). [cxxi]

– Unwillingness to have children, primarily in northern societies, Western nations, North- and East Asia, this has led to population reduction since the 1990s in half of all nations.

– Obesity epidemic since 1980, accelerating in the 2000s despite declining caloric intake.

– Extreme inclination to political correctness, anti-ethnocentrism, oikophobia and increasing outright auto-racism in the West, accelerating since the 2010s.

– Suicide, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, increasing exponentially since 2000, further accelerating in 2020, most affected are people of northern descent, white Americans, Europeans, North Asians and Northern American Natives.

– Trend to passivity and lack of initiative and entrepreneurship of the masses.

– Obsession with empathy for the ‘other groups’ to the point of self-loathing in the West. Every current political and social movement – although these are propagated and incentivized by the elites, state and corporations – is tailored around collective self-restraint, guilt, original (inherited) sin, down to self-loathing.

– Climate change: (only) western nations have to deindustrialize.

– Refugee crisis: (only) western countries have to accommodate 10s of millions indefinitely without a plan for integration. Population replacement of Western countries is declared to be a conspiracy theory. [cxxii] At the same time, it’s official UN/ EU policy, cheered on by westerners to be replaced:

“Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.” [cxxiii] At the same time, the New York Times titled in 2019; ‘Replacement’ Theory: A racist, sexist doctrine spread in far-right circles.” [cxxiv]

-Racism: all white people, and only white people, are racist and need to pay reparations, even when the crimes were committed by remote ancestors hundreds of years ago. No one is going to demand the Hutus pay reparations for the 1994 Ruanda Genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Tutsis; most of the perpetrators are alive and free today.

Even when Africans slaughter nearly a million Africans, Westerners are quick to blame Westerners for somehow making everybody hate each other: “It was not until Belgian colonization that the tensions between the Hutus and Tutsis became focused on race.” [cxxv] This assertion is challenged by the stark genetic difference of the two groups. Tutsis are lactose tolerant, proving a 3000-year-old genetic and cultural distinction. Tutsis have three times as much genetic influence from Nilo-Saharan populations than Hutus. [cxxvi]

-The same for sexism, discrimination of homosexuality, transgenderism etc.

A 2013 study examined by the Washington Post [cxxvii] revealed ‘Anglo and Latin countries are the most tolerant’, while ‘India and Jordan are by far the least tolerant” followed by a dozen African, Middle Eastern and south East Asian countries. [cxxviii]

-A sudden obsession with veganism in the West. “EU citizens are also increasingly concerned with the welfare of animals, as seen in the recent Eurobarometers and various citizen initiatives.” [cxxix] 20 years ago, when I used to be a vegetarian, people were laughing at the idea; the same people are now suddenly trying to lecture me on the evils of meat eating. No one is challenging the meat in other cultures’ diets, of course.

-Coronavirus, westerners are applauding when the state takes their jobs, livelihood and savings and they demand more government measures, while other populations are protesting their governments.

–  In recent decades, males in the West increasingly conduct themselves almost as if they were suffering from plummeting testosterone levels, including passive aggression and depression. Oh wait, that is exactly what is happening. Testosterone levels have declined from 1999 to 2016 in adolescent and young adult men (AYA), according to results presented at the 2020 American Urological Association. Mean total testosterone decreased from 1999-2000 (605.39 ng/dL), 2015-2016 (451.22 ng/dL). [cxxx] A decline of 25 % in 16 years. Meanwhile, sperm count declined by 56 % since 1973. See also magnetic fields and testosterone (p.89).

Several aspects relevant to human evolution are interrelated and connected to the cycles of solar and geomagnetic activity to converge at this turning point event of the 2020s. Let’s summarize the progression of events:

1.) The pacification process of the last 800 years by harsh punishment of violent criminals follows the behavioral trends of Grand Solar Minima and was most likely spurred on by the unique cluster of 3 very deep Grand Solar Minima, coinciding with the Little Ice Age. A similar progression of countering crime took place simultaneously in far East Asia.

2.) This LIA period saw the emergence of the Renaissance, Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution in Europe, all these developments peaking in the troughs of Grand Solar Minima.

3.) The increased peacefulness, higher self-control and intelligence left their genetic mark, even though the Industrial Revolution and the subsequent relaxation of Darwinian pressures led to a dysgenic effect beginning around the 1850s.

4.)  The economic gains of industrialization as well as the stable climate and consequent food stability of the 20th century Modern Grand Maximum also allowed for unsustainable population explosion, along with wealth and prosperity, low mortality and the welfare state. Maladaptive traits (with a high heritability and with an inclination to work against the group interests) were able to survive and proliferate.

This led to a higher mutational load, low ethnocentrism, lowered intelligence, lowered future-orientedness, declining birthrates, extreme self-criticism and mental illness. This is an accelerated process as compared with selection processes in nature, but it still takes generations of mutations to leave a long-lasting change in personality and character of the group. At least in average geophysical conditions. So, these self-destructive energies would not be expected to accelerate within years and get out of control – as we are seeing it now – solely due to propaganda and coercion.

This prolonged grand maximum (the Modern Grand Maximum) also came with great excitability of the masses, two world wars and communism, as expected in Grand Maxima.

5.) The apparent end of the Modern Grand Maximum and the move toward new Grand Solar Minimum conditions again increases peacefulness and apathy in the general population, depression and suicidal tendencies, and accelerates the said mutants’ urge for self-group destruction. Maladaptive spiteful behavior goes into overdrive.

Northern populations are more affected than more equatorial peoples, populations of European descent are more affected than other northern populations of non-European descent, north/west Europeans more than south/east Europeans etc., also in agreement with the fact that groups who were industrialized for longer times are less ethnocentric.

– Even a certain percentage of non-spiteful individuals within more K- selected populations, mostly in high latitudes, (Europeans, north- and east Asians) may start to undermine and sabotage their own group. In nature, a part of this could serve to reduce their group numbers in anticipation for a “bad -weather- period”, or Grand Solar Minimum. If these individuals converge with the spiteful mutants, who try to damage the group, the collective self-destruction will see a downward spiral.

In today’s geophysical conditions, fostering more depression and psychosis even among ‘normal’ people, the ‘spiteful mutants’ can more easily recruit and convince ‘normal’ people to undermine their own group interests due to empathy for other groups, self-chastising, general depression and self-doubt. All these effects are usually accelerated in solar minimum.

As the dysgenic effect of the past 150 years of industrialization is unprecedented in history, so is the effect of this double-drive self-destruction attempt at this point in time with solar conditions indicative of an advancing new Grand Solar Minimum.

–  The drop in solar- and geomagnetic activity in the 2000s, accelerating in the 2010s, spurs on the drop in ethnocentrism, turns low in-group preference into out-group preference and self-hatred, promotes empathy for criminals, brings defensive aggression to a below threshold minimum and induces the maladaptive individuals in the West to accelerate the path of group- self destruction. Meanwhile the majority of the population remains in passivity, apathy and self-doubt, as this is the first apparent transition into a Grand Solar Minimum that follows such a period of dysgenic decline in self-preservation instincts.

6.) Collectivist, globalist elites are scrambling to maintain power in the prospect of increased rationality and consciousness of a small part of the population.

They are also preparing to gain maximum economic and political control in advance of climate disruption, food shortages, economic collapse and population reduction, for instance by artificially inducing food-and energy- shortages in advance, before they happen naturally and cannot be covered up any longer.

7.) Radical collectivists, far-left globalist power brokers and their followers are destroying each other and themselves. The followers are more prone to be affected by group-destructive actions and more likely to follow or demand destructive measures imposed by despot states, (e.g. join and support an Antifa /BLM riot and possibly get hurt in the process, send their children to a nursing home to protect them from Corona, take the fast-tracked gene-tech vaccine with a 60% side effect rate, untested for long-term side effects; abandon their businesses willingly because of Covid-19 and so on).

8.) More K-selected, forward oriented, ethnocentric and altruistic minorities have a higher survival rate. If not drastically affected by social collapse and unrest, they maybe in a better position to restore civilization and the rule of law in the next several decades.

9.) This may usher in a new Golden Age for the survivors and their descendants in the next Grand Solar Minimum and beyond, in accordance with generally increased peacefulness and rationality in grand minima.

3.2  Coronavirus policies and human Behavior in Solar Minimum; the ‘Great Reset’ or the ‘New Normal’.

To say it up front, I did not predict a global pandemic/ takeover for 2020. In Solar History, I did, however, warn of the danger of low excitability and ‘Apathy and indifference in 2018-2021’ at the trough of solar cycle 24, in this transition phase at the apparent end of the Modern Grand Maximum, thus it pertains rather to the societal reactions to the government measures. To my embarrassment, I was a bit shocked for not having payed enough heed to my own assessment, while I was focusing on the next Schwabe maximum, which is expected in 2024-2025, this will bring a greater probability of increased social excitability, uprisings and violence.

As we have established, in the multi- decadal trend, Grand Solar Minima are dominated not only by increased peacefulness and by a decrease in conflict and violence, but ultimately also by an increase in rationality and self-determination. Granted, for the time being and already in the first Corona global lockdown, rationality had become a rare commodity, more so than toilet paper.

The paragraph below is from Chapter 23 of Solar History and is titled: “Apathy and indifference in 2018-2021”.

To be clear, the paragraph focused on the self-destructive tendencies in regards to political correctness and the continuation of the migration policies in the West, but the reaction of the population to the Coronavirus government measures fit the behavioral patterns eerily well. Almost everyone obeys the draconian emergency rulings, which were already as of April in most countries more restrictive than any martial law during WWII. Not even Dresden during air raids had day-time lockdowns. By April 1st, 2020, Covid-19 had still killed much less people than the seasonal flu, but people were readily and happily throwing away their jobs, savings and freedom and the entire world economy and they are proud of themselves for being good followers, while democratic elections are being canceled.

The data of May 2020 showed overall normal expected mortality levels in the countries; however, increased excess mortality is notable in Italy.” [cxxxi] Of course, Italy was the first European country to lock up their citizens and halt the economy, but cases kept increasing, dispelling the mono-causal nature of the disease. [cxxxii]

By Aug 10th; the CDC data confirms there is no global Covid-19 crisis (yet)! As the number of global Covid deaths has completely flatlined since May, while the number of cases keep increasing exponentially (proportional to increased testing). [cxxxiii] Meaning the mortality rate is declining steadily.

So, everyone (especially Westerners) is handing over their livelihood and their future to governments and the Big Banks, and then they clapped on commend from the freedom of their balconies. While people are still sitting in front of the television, much like victims of car accidents under shock in summer 2020, with half the population out of work, many seem to think the economy can just go on forever by itself. Which should raise the question, why did anyone ever work fulltime to begin with? If things just get done on their own?

No one dare ask why not all cops, supermarket workers, doctors and nurses are sick or dead. The Covid-19 tests give positive results in the presence of the Common Cold virus. [cxxxiv] So, everyone has Corona, forever! It is all a matter of testing. The World Bank established a COVID-19 preparedness program, redistribution money, ending in March 2025. [cxxxv]

The second wave is coming, just as the global elites keep predicting, it is an official P(L)andemic, the first pandemic that is predicted to return for two years and then forever (the ‘New Normal’) used for ‘the Great Reset’ i.e. World Government). It is still unclear what the virus is or isn’t, but for now, it should be clear that if people don’t get a grip on reality and turn this ship around, then the government actions to “prevent the spread of the virus”, not the virus, will kill not just millions but billions.

Already in April, the UN predicted that the lockdowns – as advised by the same U.N. – will kill 130 million and ‘cause famines of biblical proportions’, [cxxxvi] and half the world’s workers ‘may see their livelihood destroyed’. [cxxxvii] By July, even Oxfam had warned that the Corona- lockdown may kill more people than the virus, confirming that the lockdown, not the virus, is the actual crisis. [cxxxviii] In early 2020, studies calculated that the government policies, lockdowns etc. related to the novel coronavirus Covid-19 – ‘leading to rampant unemployment, isolation and an uncertain future’ – could lead to 75,000 additional deaths in the US from drug or alcohol abuse and suicide. [cxxxix]

As we saw above, that means suicide in the US is expected to increase 50% only this year!). [cxl] Thus, the Covid-lockdown (not the virus) is a man-made disaster without precedent only regarding suicide, drugs and alcohol, not even including the 3 billion people unemployed and thus ultimately threatened by starvation.

The same westerners who follow all these Covid rules, and who think that the West is responsible for all the suffering in all the world, do not care or want to know about these millions to billions suffering from the measures in the Third World.

And for those who take the untested, gene-altering vaccine, things will not look good either; the vaccine is being rammed through and fast-tracked by the same authoritarians who keep proving they have no idea of what is happening and have no regard for human life. Ideally, a large proportion of the most aggressive ‘spiteful mutants’ and totalitarian collectivists, those who are determined to destroy civilization and who are in favor of forced vaccination, will take the vaccine first, hoping everything will be quick and painless, so the rest can move on and rebuild civilization.

In a clinical trial of the RNA/ Gene-tech vaccine, with 55 participants, in two out of 3 dosage groups, 100% of participants had adverse side effects, 7% of all participants showed severe, systemic adverse effects. [cxli]  

It appears to be unpreventable that the end of this Grand Maximum and the beginning of a new Age of Reason is paved with some degree of elevated selection pressures, not particularly along the lines of intelligence, but rather along the lines of common sense, healthy positive instincts and courage.

A problem here is that the medical establishment normally runs a two-class medical system and the masses are happy to except it. In the Swine Flu pandemic of 2009 [cxlii], it was officially reported that in Germany, government officials, politicians and military received a special ‘safe vaccine’ without some of the dangerous additives which can cause side effects. Meanwhile the general public was given the vaccine with the controversial mercury and formaldehyde etc., which are dangerous according to the government itself. [cxliii]

So, they openly said the ‘elites’ are receiving the good vaccine, no conspiracy here. Today, with the completed digital surveillance society, every vaccine dose can be personalized and the ingredients adjusted, with the argumentation that it is saver when you get your individual mixture (for instance, old people need higher doses in flu vaccines, etc. [cxliv]). So, it would not necessarily help if those who are pro mandatory vaccination take it first, unless they get it from a random batch to then serve as a warning for the rest.

Independently from how long people will put up with the lockdown measures, one thing is certain: the world will never be the same again, everyone’s life has changed forever, whether you like it or not. Further, multiculturalism, open borders and globalism will have to be rethought, the culture of mindless, short-sighted and narcissistic consumption is over. This is the greatest chance for humanity to start the coming Grand Solar Minimum with the least possible trauma and it is the most important moment in history since at least 1400 years.

Whatever the biological basis of the pandemic is or isn’t, it just happened to turn into everything the globalist elites have been threatening for decades: One world government, consolidation of power by a tiny elite minority, global police state. And it covers up the natural symptoms of a Grand Solar Minimum as well, before they become obvious. Crop failures and food shortages are more prevalent in Grand Solar Minima in the long term. Now “experts” even say the globe is cooling thanks to the Corona lockdown. And in September, the Gulf Stream is suddenly weakening, [cxlv] again! And why did Trump just say in regards to climate change and wild fires: “It’ll start getting cooler, you just watch”. [cxlvi]

You couldn’t stop eating meat to stop climate change? Now, they are shutting down one meat packing plant after the other and you will stop eating meat because of the virus. The virus initially only targeted workers in meat production plants and not tofu factories. But by July 2020, all the food supply worldwide is deliberately being compromised under the pretext of Covid-19. And suddenly, it turns out that governments have been hording foods and stockpile it in warehouses during the crisis. [cxlvii] Who would have thought?

The pandemic also covers up the fact that the global economy was on the verge of collapse and would have failed within a few years anyway.

The Rockefeller Foundation has released a new report, “Reset The Table” — an implied part of “The Great Reset”. It calls to provide food to all (like UBI), use schools as community nutrition distribution anchors, de-fund farms/ranches via “true cost accounting” that includes CO2, provide funds to BIPOC, collect real-time data for AI/automation, and much more. [cxlviii]

Everything they couldn’t achieve with Climate Change policies, including the American socialist Green New Deal, was just implemented under Covid-19.

As far as mass migration is concerned: not surprisingly, left-wing activists are still ready to break curfews, but only to protest for open borders [cxlix] and alleged institutional racism, mind you, not for their own survival, they applaud being locked in their homes, but demand more unchecked migration into their crumbling countries. Globalist politicians, media and Dr. Fauci himself determined that Black Lives Matter protests with millions of attendees had no effect on the spread of the virus, with any other large gatherings still being illegal. [cl] On a positive note, on the 1st of August, the largest political grassroots protest in German history with over a million peaceful Anti-lockdown protesters took place in Berlin.

Here is the said excerpt from Chapter 23 of Solar History (2018):

“The minimum of this cycle (cycle 24) is expected in 2020, which is also the end of the cycle, but the sun had already reached the said minimum levels in early 2018. And the next Schwabe maximum is expected in 2024-2025, this will bring a greater probability of increased social excitability, uprisings and violence, although it is projected to be an even weaker maximum than the last.”

“Apathy and indifference in 2018- 2021

“Some of the general descriptions of the first period, given by Tchijevsky for Schwabe cycles, show strong similarities to the social mood and lethargy of the population (of the Western World) in 2018, the unexpected early low of solar cycle 24.”

“In the current social landscape (2018), political leaders find it hard to motivate the population for anything other than complaining about the “others”. The masses are easily manipulated to have a strong opinion particularly against expression of freedom, self-responsibility, against freedom of speech and so on. People can more easily be engaged when appeals are made to their empathy and altruism, rather than to reason and rationality. But overall, even for the followers of mainstream leftist ideologies, activities largely remain at the level of complaining and hoping that governments will do something against “hate-speech”, perceived intolerance, xenophobia and climate change. The vast majority of the political establishment and the media complex are adamant to denounce everyone slightly to the right of Lenin as a “Nazi”. […]

“Although tensions are rising on different internal fronts, political violence is relatively calm for the time being. Regarding Schwabe cycles, here is again how Tchijevsky characterized the:”

“First Period – Period of the minimum of excitability in the Schwabe cycles [corresponding to the current minimum of 2018-2021]:

“The characteristics of this period are:

-Lack of unity in human masses.

-Indifference of the masses to political and military questions.

-Peacefulness of the masses.

-Tolerance and forbearance of the masses.

-The results of these characteristics are:

-Lack of any desire to struggle for the right or idea, easy capitulation, desertion, etc.”

“In the extreme points of the cycle’s course [Schwabe minima], the tension of the all human military-political activity falls to the minimum, giving way to creative activity, and is accompanied by a general decrease of military or political enthusiasm, by peace and peaceful creative work in the sphere of state organizations, international relations, science and art, with a pronounced tendency toward absolutism in the governing powers and a disintegration of the masses. […] Historical facts illustrating this period, are peace treaties, capitulations, occupations, decrease of parlimentarianism, strength of autocracies, and the ruling of minorities.”  (Tchijevsky A. L. 1926, p. 26).

Peacefulness is of course overall positive, but in accordance with a lack of self-preservation and neglect for the rule of law, it will lead to more conflict and self-destruction in this transition phase. When have we heard politicians and opinion leaders talk about tolerance? Where have we seen political procedures being dominated by tolerance, acceptance and empathy as the highest or even only values recently?

Here seems to lie one of the greatest challenges in the transition phases of grand solar cycles, especially the abrupt beginning of grand minima.

Low aggression, general peacefulness and cooperation are prerequisite for democracy and the development of humane societies. This alone is one of the enigmas of human evolution. In nature, the rules of natural selection predict the best survival of groups and individuals with the highest aggression, who reserve cooperation and empathy for their group only. Humans appear to be the only species who have broken this cycle, allowing groups with the highest altruistic sociability to thrive and form civilizations and the rule of law.

But an overemphasis of these traits without a strong sense of self-preservation has usually led to the fall of such open and free societies. To preserve civilization requires a minimal level of defensive aggressiveness. No group without a strong in-group preference has survived to tell their story or left any traces in history.”

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 whoe to to the realisation,d  fire, and where they land there is a smoking hole in the ground.

f inspiration for such miths.

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  1. Your historical summaries are helpful, but your shallow vapid politics make you unreadable.

    As someone in the fraud investigation arm of the insurance industry, I can ASSURE you that what you call ‘Soros-funded’ ‘BLM’ riots and looting were nothing more than orchestrated insurance scams by chain stores, high end distributors, and business owners to recover losses for lock-down lack of sales by organized crime. The many claims by these companies are being still being investigated and prosecuted as fraud and expose the large scale efforts of companies to use fake riots to make property and merchandise claims for seasonal merchandise that would have represented huge losses. Same with the 1,500 rental cars jammed together on a field that mysteriously burned up the 2nd week of the pandemic and other losses. Follow the money instead of the paranoid conspiracy theories and you will be correct 100% of the time. It is the elites, for sure, but not the ones you think. You fail to look in the mirror at your own behavior during these Solar induced human shifts and recognize that you too are being affected. Each side thinks it is the other side that is the problem. It is funny to see each side accuse the other of the exact same behavior. This is what happens when those posing as ‘politicians’ are allowed to control the narrative, to skew the illusions of ideology, censorship and cancel culture that they are doing on both sides. Do you REALLY think there is a single politician with an ideology beyond money and power? Right vs Left are meaningless constructs to divide all people while the manipulators rob them all blind. The very second we are not controlled by these people and their media, right and left have NO meaning, we are all equal. THAT is what frightens them all.


  2. Vielen Dank Herr Dobler. Wieder hochinteressant.
    Doch mit Ihrer Behauptung eines bevorstehenden Solarminimum gehe ich nicht konform. Obwohl ich uns wünsche, daß Sie recht behalten….
    Meinen Begründungsansatz finden Sie hier.:

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