Bullet-proof Vests mandated for Zurich’s Paramedics. 

bullet-proof west for paramedics Zurich image-

bullet-proof west for paramedics Zurich image-

And no one dare say ‘migration’.

Zurich, Switzerland: The drastic increase in street violence of the last few years in Europe cannot be covered up any longer. Aggressive behaviour by “young men” mostly with migration back ground, is not only directed at other “young men” and police, but also paramedics and fire fighters. After in Sweden, rescue workers for many years must be escorted by police in “no- go zones” and are regularly attacked by migrants, the situation has now escalated also in Switzerland. as 20min reports, EMS/ paramedics are now required to have a 6 kilogram bullet-proof west in the ambulance ready to use at all times. 

Until a few years ago, violent attacks against rescue workers in service were almost unheard of, even people with severe antisocial disorders usually used to refrain from such behaviour, and were thus ‘quasi-adhering to the Geneva Convention’.

Now, it is becoming normal in Switzerland, as in the surrounding EU countries; more often, “men” attack paramedics to prevent them from helping their victims, for instance, of a stabbing. Mobs of men even threaten and attack doctors and nurses in hospitals and emergency rooms, when they are not pleased with the treatment of their relatives.

In 2018, after the stabbing of a migrant, a mob of 300 people (some masked) attack police and EMS workers. Police emphasised several of the aggressors wore soccer hooligan clothing. Two police officers were injured. Further, two young men from Syria and Libya were injured. Because of the ‘large number of attackers’, only one arrest could be made, of an Afghan citizen (18). Zurich Police demands their officers wear body cams immediately. No explanation was given on how this would help to identify masked men.

Spokesman of Zurich Rescue and Protection, Ivo Bähni says, “the safety situation has changed in the last few years. 

at auch einen Grund: “Die Sicherheitslage hat sich in den letzten Jahren wesentlich verändert”, erklärte der SRZ-Sprecher wie “” berichtet.

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