Update on Oroville Dam crisis

Emergency Spillway at Orowille Dam 2.13.2017 (image: Los Angeles Times

Emergency Spillway at Oroville Dam 2.14.2017 (Image: Los Angeles Times)

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 14.29.44.png

Oroville Dam 2.12.2017

Oroville Dam 2.14.17

Oroville Dam 2.14.17

As of Feb.13th, the water flow over the emergency spill way appears to have subsided to some extent, but the short activation of this earthen spillway has left a significant  amount of erosion close to the foot of the concrete crest.

As the severely damaged main spillway is still in full use, no realistic forecast can be made on when or if it could be repaired. As for now, either the deteriorating main spillway or the earthen emergency spillway or both will keep eroding further. Since the emergency spillway runs over a natural hill, It can be expected that the rate of erosion of surface material will slow down over time.

More rainfall is predicted beginning Thursday this week and melt water run-off from the northern Sierra are beginning soon.


Oroville dam 02.15.17


Oroville dam construction 1976 Image:

Oroville dam construction 1976. Image:









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