Switzerland: Vote No to Covid Gesetz – November 28, 2021

Update: On November 28, 2021, the Swiss did indeed vote for the abolishment of all constitutional rights until 2031.

The Swiss are in the odd position of being able to vote by direct democracy for more oppressive regulations and to lose their freedom, in contrast to most countries, where most politicians are elected and then decree the increasingly oppressive Covid regulations, which are more or less the same around the world. In these countries, people have to wait 2- 4 years to vote these politicians out of office, in Switzerland, people are directly responsible for their own enslavement.

It is now proven daily to everybody that nobody will get their freedoms back if they comply with more Covid Regulations. The more people are vaccinated, the more people get sick. They said get vaccinated and you don’t have to wear the mask. Now you have to wear the mask anyways. Now you have to get vaccinated AND tested. Old people were locked up because they didn’t have the second injection, now there are going to get locked up because they haven’t got the third injection. This pandemic will never end without political change. The more people comply with new government mandates the less they are getting their freedoms back.

Nein zum Covid Gesetz November 28, 2021,

Video: Wann dachtest Du dass das aufhört?

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