The End of Professional Sports by Covid-1984 vaccines

Dr. Anthony Hinton (‘Consultant Surgeon with 30 years experience in the NHS’) REUTERS FACT CHECK
NOVEMBER 18, 20217:00 PMUPDATED 2 MONTHS AGO; Fact Check-Most cases of myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccines are not irreversible.

What happened to “Bread and Circus” to control the population? Why are they killing off professional athletes. By now, professional soccer players at the peak of their career suffer one attack of heart inflammation and retire for good the very next day!?

The latest case: Swiss Sprinter Sarah Atcho: heart muscle inflammation after booster vaccination

Comment AEC: Atcho is brave enough to raise questions about the safety of the covid vaccines, but she praises the overall government response to the pandemic. She will soon face the wrath of the government and media conglomerate who will try to end her career for speaking about the link between the vaccine and heart inflammation, just like any other athlete who didn’t retire quietly after their first heart or lung problems after the covid injection.

Berliner Zeitung:

The 26-year-old professional athlete shares that she suffers from pericarditis. The first symptoms appeared after her booster vaccination.

The Swiss sprinter Sarah Atcho has to pause her training because of an inflammation of the pericardium. The 26-year-old professional athlete shared on Instagram Monday night that she was suffering from pericarditis. According to Atcho, the first symptoms appeared after her booster vaccination in December. At the end of the year, the disease was then diagnosed by a cardiologist.

“I got my booster shot on December 22 because I didn’t want to mess with it at the start of the season. I was told that it was safer to take Pfizer to avoid cardiac side effects,” writes the Swiss indoor champion in the 200-meter dash. And further: “On December 27, I felt a tightness in my chest and I got dizzy when I went up the stairs.” After she got dizzy a few more times, she went to see a cardiologist. He diagnosed pericarditis, i.e. “inflammation of the thin membrane that surrounds the heart”.

“We don’t talk enough about side effects”

Now she is “not allowed to increase her heart rate for a few weeks so that her heart can recover and heal from the inflammation”. But she says “I am still doing everything I can do with my trainer to keep my muscles moving”. Her coach is doing “a great job”. Atcho continues: “Thank you @patsaile!” The 26-year-old also writes that she tries “to be as transparent as possible”, which is “now more important than ever”. Then Sarah Atcho writes that she is “upset about the situation” because “we don’t talk enough about the side effects. I feel helpless because I have no control over it.”

She was “glad that the vaccine has helped prevent many deaths and relieved the pressure on hospitals and hospital staff.” Nevertheless, she was “frustrated that I and other young and healthy people are suffering from these serious side effects”. Speaking to her followers, she continued, “I hope you understand why it’s important for me to let you know and I’ll keep you updated as it progresses. Let me know if you experience the same thing, let’s help each other!”

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