29% of the West’s Wheat Supply is gone due to EU Sanctions on Russia – Ice Age Farmer

Food Shortages. From Reuters: “Russia and Ukraine account for 29% of global wheat exports, 19% of world maize (corn) exports, and 80% of world sunflower oil exports. ” Due to European sanctions on Russia, this will not be exported to Europe and other western countries, but to China instead.

read more Ukraine shuts ports as conflict threatens grain supplies

Video Ice Age Farmer: Merchant ships hit by missiles; Grain/fert exports STOP in Ukraine/Russia

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    After the title story, the article goes into the fact that USSR seems to have been the first to start pedophile rings for blackmail!
    Those bastards in USSR thinking of this must have been pedophiles themselves. Who else would cause pain to children by such monstrosities?!
    Toward the end, one can see a video of Putin kissing the naked belly of a boy in public. A stranger, not his, of course!
    I say Putin is a pedophile as well.
    His accuser was promplty poisoned years ago!!

    As for the Ukrainian “war”, all conflicts of consequence in the world have been initiated and controlled by the same cabal: City of London with its auxiliaries in other places.
    An interesting book just appeared as ebook recently. It seems well-researched:


  2. Sheesh, I was too stupid to see this coming. I think China had relatively low crops last year? If some of the key grain regions in China are like the “Palliser triangle” of southern [Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba] and Northern [Montana, Idaho], then another very low precipitation year could spell major problems? It’s unlikely that ALL key global grain regions would be hit hard at the same time, apart from a major solar or other process. But if [Russia, Ukraine] are also heading for dryness, then we could be heading for “interesting times”.

    This situation very much reminds me of the Chinese film “Back to 1942”, when massive starvation hit Henan province at the same time as the Japanese invasion. Apparently there was a very bad drought ~10 years before that, too. Of course, in the “dirty thirties” Western North America had a bad drought, and possibly the Ukraine then as well (but not Belarus according to the only self-declared Belarussan that I’ve met)? Did Stalin push the Holomodor during a very bad drought, BOTH to suppress kulaks, but also to generate mountains of foreign cash needed for his [industrialisation, WWII] buildup according to plans?? A bit later, Germany apparently helped greatly with the construction of plants in Russia to beat the Versailles treaty limitations. But Stalin’s overwhelming support came from Roosevelt, diplomatically at least as soon as the Finnish invasion, materially post-Barbarossa but well before Pearl Harbour. This was probably the foundation for all major socialist nations (including being out-manouvered by Mao-Stalin in China).

    Ukrane is also an important [oil, gas, metals] producer, and the deep offshore Black Sea domaines were suggested as one reason for the 2014 or 2015 “civil war” (with a little help from Russia).

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