New Year’s Eve 2017 Germany. Reports from a war zone?

Here is a short overview of what happened in 15 German cities as the public is getting used to „the new dimension of crime“. The list below in a collection of over 50 news reports of violent crimes and riots in Germany on New Years Eve 2017. Further, the most prominent reports of violence from across western Europe are added. 

Hamburg Police listed over 1624 deployments to respond to acts of violence. Officials reported “markedly fewer women at public celebration“ as compared to past years. So, on a positive note, women seem to start to respect the cultural feelings of the new citizens.

Police were shot at with projectile fireworks.

Fire fighters were attacked and threaded with at gunpoint by “youths”

In Bremen, the Police listed over 400 deployments.

12-year-old girl was shot in the head for close range by „youth with migration background“. She sustained life-threatening injuries.

Safe-zones to protect women from sexual assault by „men“ were established at several city’s public new year’s parties. In Berlin dozens cases of sexual assault were reported anyway, apparently some women stepped out of their boundaries.

Attempted train derailment: The ICE train between Berlin and Köln had to make and emergency break and rolled over a concrete slab that had been placed on the tracks. The train did not derail.

The total death count is not settled yet, but it can be estimated to a dozen deaths and several dozens of injured at this time.

The detailed summary in German. On request, I will translate single articles into English.




Also France was celebrating new types of New Year’s Eve ceremonies:

Mob of “men” chanting „Allahu Akbar“ kicking Female Cop; Almost 1,000 cars torched around France on New Year’s Eve but government insists it ‘went particularly well’


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