Statistics on the European migration crisis and criminality

Statistik BkA Migration

Statistik BKA Migration

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Needless to say: Not every migrant is criminal and not every criminal is a migrant. But unfortunately, data from the German Bureau of Criminality reveals a much higher prevalence among the migrants who arrived in recent years.

Asylum seekers committed on average 15 times as many violent crimes, sexual assaults and rapes as the rest of the population (citizen and long-term migrants)

Governments and mainstream media still attempt to accuse the population of exaggerating the situation, and they claim that the concerns about criminal migrants are only a result of a false interpretation of isolated cases and of “right-wing hate speech“. It is in the long run beneficial for everyone to evaluate reality based on hard facts. Obfuscating the truth also leads to prejudices against law-obeiding migrants, who are welcomed by the overwhelming majority of citizans.

Here is an overview of available official statistics in the context of criminality and the migration policies of Western European governments, with the focus on the last 3 years in the Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Most of the available data sets contradict each other or are incomplete. Further, it was proven repeatedly that the justice departments have covered up crimes and have downwards adjusted numbers. according to André Schulz, head of the German Federation of Criminal Investigators, “the real numbers could be 4 times as high.”

Thus, the present numbers must be taken as the minimal values. Here, we will not speculate on the estimated numbers of unknown cases. But only the present available minimal numbers reveal an unprecedented increase in rape and murder at a rate that in recent history has only occurred in war times.

-Rape by migrants has at least doubled in one year

-Murder overall at least doubled in two years.

The increase in cases has been overwhelming the justice systems to such an extent that many cases will not be prosecuted for years and thus do not make it into crime statistics. For instance:’ 55,000 crimes remain un-investigated in Berlin.’

Also, in cases where no suspect is arrested, but where it is deemed near certain that the perpetrators were non-citizens by eye-witness accounts according to speech and self- discription, these suspects are not included in the statistics as non-citizens.

When women raise concerns about increasing numbers of rape in Europe in recent years, state and media usually accuse these women of being biased by not taking into account the fact that most cases of rape are not reported. These women are told that they were concerned only about the increase of rape cases where victim and perpetrator didn’t know each other. What these accusers are neglecting is the fact that domestic rape and abuse in migrant families is also rising and here, the rate of reporting is even lower (for instance out of fear of „honor killings“ of rape victims by family members).

Whenever politicians and media claim that there is no increased criminality among migrants, then this proven to be a lie. Those who know the facts but deny them, are facilitating future acts of violence.

Even Green Party mayor of the city of Tübingen, Boris Palmer, acknowledged:„ It is statistically proven, that among asylum seekers, there is an tenfold higher incidence in violence, that is measured in statistics.“



  • Germany (2016) Federal Bureau of Criminality:

-Asylum seekers on average committed 15 times as many violent crimes, sexual assaults and rapes as  Germans (native citizens and long-term residents with migration background.)

-Asylum seekers on average 42,6 times more prevalent in gang rape.

This means, if there were as many asylum seekers as people with a German passports, then 93,4% of all rape and sexual assaults would be committed by asylum seekers.

Oliver Janich Investigativ



  • Germany (2017) Federal Bureau of Crime:

700,000 crimes in 2,5 years committed by 2 million refugees.

That’s on average 0,35 crimes per refugee. Or in other terms, with – theoretically – one criminal offense per person, one out of 3 refugee would have committed a crime within 2,5 years.



  • Germany 2017:

Number of sexual offenses committed by migrants doubled in 1 year, increases by 500% in four years.

Jahresbericht Kriminalität im Kontext von Zuwanderung hervor, der vom Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) herausgegeben wird.



  • Germany, 2017:

Number of knife attacks increases by 1,200 % in ten years (13 as many as ten years ago).

(this includes suspects of all nationalities).

4,000 violent attacks with knifes in 2016 – as opposed to only 300 in the year 2007.



  • Germany, Switzerland, AustriaA media review of knife attacks in, from 16.3. to 2.4. 2017 reveled:

190 knife attacks in 2 weeks.

At an theoretical average rate, this would amount to over 5000 cases per year. 



  • Austria, 2009 to 2014

1 out of 2 asylum seekers charged with a criminal offense

Statistics from the Federal Crime Department shows, 50% of all asylum seekers had criminal charges pressed against them. (in General, the rate of charges to the rate convictions).



  • Austria, 2016:

Cases of rape committed by migrants increased in Austria by 133% in one year (more than doubled)

„Currently, about 47 % of all prison inmates in Austria  are non-citizens, as is shown by numbers of Statista.“

An employee of vienna largest Justice district, who wants to remain anonymous, said:

„The number of „real“ Austrians, who are convicted of rape is negligible. There are massive problems with other cultures.“



  • Switzerland, 2006:

(In some Swiss cities, the Police have decided they no longer publish the country of citizenship of perpetrators.)

85% of all suspects charged with rape are non-citizens. In 2006, 21,9 % of all inhabitants were non-citizens. That means, in 2006, non- citizens were on average 20,1 times more prevalent as rapists than Swiss citizens.



  • Switzerland, 2014:

64 % of all suspects charged with rape are non-citizens.

In 2014, 24.3 % of all inhabitants were non-citizens.

That means, in 2014, non- citizens were on average 5.5 times more prevalent as rapists than Swiss citizens. This is an apparent improvement from 2006.


No statists are available for the time span from 2015 – 2017 in Switzerland.


“Who does Not Know the Truth, is simply a Fool… Yet who Knows the Truth and Calls it a Lie, is a Criminal.”

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