Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi on Corona-Crisis: “The imposed measures are self-destructive and will ultimately lead to collective suicide.”

Transcript of edited translation:

– Haberstumpf:    Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, you are a medical Doctor, infectologist, expert on Microbiology, you are one of the most-cited medical researchers in Germany. Today, we are talking about the Coronavirus. The virus is setting the world into high alert, the consequences are getting more and more dramatic. In Germany, too, a state of emergency was declared. What exactly is coronavirus?

– Dr. Bhakdi:    The virus exists in humans and animals, globally, they constitute a sort of a large family, being among us. Normally, they don’t play a significant role medically, because they cause only minor flu-related infections, or sneeze-related fevers. Only elderly people with preexisting diseases are potentially at risk. Now, a new variety of the virus arrives, and throws the world into fear and panic. Why?

Covid-19 was discovered in China and there, it spread very rapidly and was accompanied with many fatalities, more than we would expect. Then the alarm reports came from northern Italy, with similar developments. However, and this should be considered: in other parts of the world, where the virus had spread, such apparently high mortality rates of 4, 5 or 6% were not reached. For instance, in South Korea, the mortality rate was reportedly 1 %, in England 0.3%.

– Haberstumpf:    “Why do you say ‘apparently’ high mortality rate?”

– Dr. Bhakdi :     “ I say ‘apparently’ because, if a virus doesn’t kill on its own, but only in connection with other preexisting diseases, then we cannot solely blame the virus. That this was done with COVID -19, is not only false, but dangerously misleading. Because of this, it is being forgotten that many other local factors can play a decisive role. For instance: what do China and Italy (northern Italy) have in common? China has the highest degree of air pollution in the world. in this regard, Italy is the China of Europe. The lungs of the people in these regions are pre-handicapped, and burdened with disease much differently than the lungs of people in other regions.”’

– Haberstumpf: Now, what about Germany? Here as well, the virus spread quickly.

 – Dr. Bhakdi : Yes, it appears as if the spreading is ongoing, and remarkably, this gives us data with which we can now better decide what to do.

– Haberstumpf: That’s what experts and politicians did, or rather, are doing, and because of this, they are declaring the highest state of alert.

– Dr. Bhakdi : Yes and this is actually the great tragedy in this story, because the measures that have been decided upon, are in essence useless. Very important questions have already been answered: first, does this virus kill exclusively elderly people and people with preexisting conditions, as do the other ‘normal’ Coronaviruses? Or does it also kill young people? And the answer is very clear. We have 10,000 reported cases (18.03.2020 in Germany), 99.5% of those have no or only mild symptoms. From this, we already see that it is false to speak of 10,000 sick patients (this should not be allowed). They are not sick. Infection is not identical to disease. There are only 40-60 sick people and 30 have died in 30 days [Germany, 18.03.2020]. So, we have a mortality rate of 1 Covid-19- positive death per day until now. The horror scenario is, that this number could multiply by a hundred. then we would have 1 million cases, and possibly 3,000 deaths in another 60 days, that’s 100 days in all. That would equal 30 death a day. This horror scenario is what they are trying to prevent.

– Haberstumpf: The imposed measures [in Germany] aim at slowing down the spread of the virus and to prevent that there are new fatalities daily.

– Dr. Bhakdi: Yes, but the top lies at about 30 deaths per day according to all we know so far. 30 deaths per day may appear to be a very high number. One has to take into account that here in Germany, every day, 2,200 people over 65 years of age die. We must consider, that a least 1 % of these people are carriers of normal Coronavirus. This makes 22 per day, who carry a sister species of COVID-19. And they die every day. The difference is, that here we don’t speak of corona deaths, because we know the Coronavirus plays a subordinate role in this process.

Now, we want to prevent this scenario: namely the these 30 replace these 30 people. That is what is now happening. We are afraid that with 1,000,000 infections with the new virus, we could arrive at 30 deaths per day, and we do not realise, that the entire time, at least 20 or 30, 40 or even 100 patients died every day with the same preexisting conditions and the same diseases who would test positive for Coronavirus. And for this, horrendous measures are taken.

– Haberstumpf: What do you think about these measures?

– Dr. Bhakdi: I think they are grotesque, over-reacting and outright dangerous. Dangerous, for every elderly person over 65 has a right to try not to be one of the 2,200 who depart from us every day. To prevent this, they have their hobbies, do exercise, engage in social contacts, attend events and so on. All of this is now cancelled.  You can assume that these draconian measures, overall, will shorten the life expectancy of those 2,200. Then we have the economic consequences, which are so horrendous and, for many, existential.  And finally, we have the direct medical consequences. We already have shortcomings in providing medical care, operations are cancelled, sick people cannot be optimally provided for. Hospital staff is reassigned or is absent, for instance because mother have to take care of their kids, (with daycares closed). All of these things will have severe consequences. I can only say these measures are self-destructive, and if the society accepts and implements these measures, this is like a collective suicide.

Translation edited by Sacha Dobler, Abruptearthchanges.com


Translation of video description;

Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi explains the facts. He was the head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at Johannes Gutenburg University in Mainz, Germany and is one of the most respected infectiologists internationally and one of the most-cited medical researchers in Germany.

The lives and livelihoods of our fellow citizens are put at risk to ward off a non-existent danger. The measures now imposed by governments are a disaster for the entire population. They will do enormous damage, but in return they will not do any good. A short interview conducted by Sibylle Haberstumpf, assisted by Julian Jeschonowski and Christian Kwoczek, explains.

Corona viruses have been with us since time immemorial and play a negligible role in medicine. Most infected people do not become seriously ill. Almost exclusively older people with pre-existing conditions, especially of the lungs and heart, are at serious risk.

The claim that COVID-19 is a particularly dangerous virus variant arose from non-critical and incorrect interpretation of internationally collected case data. The truth is that COVID-19 is not fundamentally different from its harmless varieties.

Should Prof. Bhakdi be right, every effort must be taken to immediately bring about the  [political] turnaround in this situation.


Corona-Crisis: Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi

Corona-Crisis: Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi


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