Germany, Corona police state: You cough, you go to quarantine or prison!

Hohenlohekreis Germany Robert Koch- Institute Covid-19

Hohenlohekreis Germany Robert Koch- Institute Covid-19

Inflating the numbers? German region makes Covid-19 diagnoses and rulings without tests.

In the German state of Baden-Wüttenberg, as of March 23, patients with coughing or fever can now be diagnosed with Covid-19 by any doctor without a lab test. A positive diagnosis will result in at least 2 weeks forced quarantine/hospitalisation.

But we know, even in normal times, doctors have a hard time to correctly diagnose even the common flue. 

In the US, the CDC says only 12.8% of all “flu” cases diagnosed by doctors actually tested positive for flu virus in a lab test. (2017-2018).

This decree by the local government of Hohenlohekreis will set a dangerous precedent, as hysterical citizens are already calling the police on their neighbours for hearing them cough.

If most doctors are unable to correctly diagnose the common flu, how should they suddenly be able to differentiate a new strain of the corona virus, which is said to make the exact same symptoms as any other flu? 

Now, in this global panic-mode, if a patient goes to the doctor for coughing, a runny nose or a fever, what doctor is going to take the risk not to declare it Covid-19, and send the patient into isolation? Just to be on the save side? Imagine a doctor sends home a coughing patient prescribing just rest and flue medication, and then that patient happens to get worse and ends up in a hospital where Covid-19 is now declared the only relevant cause of respiratory illness. That would be the end of a career  So it can be expected that all doctors will diagnose any respiratory illness patient with Covid-19.

The decree rules that “whoever is force quarantined can only leave after 2 weeks after showing no symptoms for 48 hours.” So, if you cough or sneeze once in 2 days, you are kept locked up (theoretically indefinitely).  The same applies for contact persons. “Violations of the quarantine will be punished with 2 years in prison.”

This will lead to people not going to the doctor and/or the numbers of COVID-19 “confirmed cases” will be artificially inflated.

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  1. First, this virus is not FLU!
    What it is, is a strain of the common cold, but more aggressive than previously experienced.
    Second, a large proportion of Europe, now has all the controls the they fought the Nazi’s in WW2 to avoid.
    The New World Order brigade must be clapping their hands with glee!
    All the awards of course go to the NWO controlled media, for creating the new panicdemic!
    In 2013, on average, around 51,000 people per WEEK died, world wide, from respiratory infections.
    Deaths from this virus, average less than 5000 so far.

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