UN associate: “We are entering the second phase of Covid-19, which is the FOOD CRISIS, economic crisis.”

Maximo Torero Cullen, Assistant Director-General, Economic and Social Development Department, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), says:

“Up to now, we’ve gone through the 1. phase, which was the lockdown due to Covid-19. We are now entering into the second phase, which is the food crisis, the economic crisis, which is the consequence of Covid-19. The problem is that Covid-19 has not been eliminated and we are at risk at all time that we get a knock out in terms of food security in the world. “

Ice Age Farmer Video:


The BLM protests have now proven that the Lockdown was unnecessary and ineffective. The BLM protests with mass gatherings of millions of protesters, tolerated and supported by almost all politicians in the US, have been going on for over two weeks and no massive COVID-19 outbreak has occurred in the US.

Therefore, the useless lockdown measures and the death and starvation they are causing are the responsibility of governments and corporations, not of a virus.


Full video by UN: The impact of COVID-19 on food security and nutrition – Virtual Press Conference (9 June 2020)

UN: Food Crisis, Economic Crisis, second phase

UN: Food Crisis, Economic Crisis, second phase

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  1. This virus is not a flu. It’s actually the common cold with teeth added to it. Each time the cold comes around so will this virus. Just watch. All the people that died were older folks that had already underlying severe conditions and mostly nursing homes which should’ve been under hard lock down to begin with.

    Don’t lock down the non sick.


  2. A weapon that was aimed at the Hong Kong Protesters to stop them and it back fired. I think it was released too soon.

    The Demos have gotten the idea to bring it over here and disrupt the 2020 elections and they are going to use it to push mail in order only to steal the votes by throwing them out. The ones they don’t like that is.

    I only vote local as I don’t want to give my votes to thieves.


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