South Korean Ferry Disaster (2014). A grim reminder of the dangers of blind obedience to authorities

Keep this event in mind in the light of increasing food- and commodity shortages and growing globalist authoritarianism in the Great Reset, the “New normal”, as they tell everyone to stay put in their homes and wait for a government stimulus check, apparently indefinitely.

Disclaimer: this post does NOT suggest that the passengers are in any way at fault in the 2014 Ferry disaster in South Korea, especially since most of the victims were students, age 16-18, the responsibility lies entirely with the ship crew, politicians, coast guard etc.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that in this human catastrophe:

-(almost) everyone who obeyed the senseless orders by authorities, died. (304)

-(almost) everyone who disobeyed the senseless orders by authorities, survived. (171)

Out of 476 passengers and crew, 304 died in the disaster, including around 250 students from Danwon High School (Ansan City

After the ship was already leaning by 45° and the lower cabins were flooded, the crew kept reminding the passengers to stay where they were. Most passengers, mostly students 16-18, obeyed the orders on the loudspeakers even two hours later, as the ship was completely on its side (90°). At this point it was clear that more than half the cabins were under water and everyone who stayed inside was already dead. Many did not even leave their cabins to search for a life vest, because they were told to stay put, to not move. Once the order was finally given to abandon ship, most were already dead or couldn’t hear the announcement. South Korean shipwreck survivors: Passengers told ‘don’t move’ as ship sank.

After two and a half hours, the ship sank within clear sight of the next islands barely 2 kilometres away, in calm, relatively warm waters, surrounded by boats who were instructed not to intervene.

Among the survivors who didn’t obey, was the captain himself, who was filmed climbing into a rescue boat early on. 

Needless to say, in most disasters situations, it is best to follow instructions from authorities even if they immediately don’t seem to make sense from an individual viewpoint. human societies have evolved culturally and genetically to trust in leaders. Spiteful individuals, who tend to say “nobody tells me what to do”, they usually don’t fair well and often endanger the safety of a society. But in the 21st century, we have past peek-blind-obedience with a large selective self-population reduction in the making (including a solar minimum).

The sinking of MV Sewol also called the Sewol ferry disaster, occurred on the morning of 16 April 2014, when the ferry MV Sewol was en route from Incheon towards Jeju in South Korea.[17] The 6,825-ton vessel sent a distress signal from about 2.7 kilometres (1.7 mi) north of Byeongpungdo at 08:58 KST (23:58 UTC, 15 April 2014).[18] Out of 476 passengers and crew, 304 died in the disaster, including around 250 students from Danwon High School (Ansan City).[19][20][21] Of the approximately 172 survivors, more than half were rescued by fishing boats and other commercial vessels that arrived at the scene approximately forty minutes before the Korea Coast Guard (KCG).[22]

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